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Most of my pics from the Temple Club were, shall we say...not good.  A few were ok so here is a quick look.

Truth and Crusher lose to Sabu




The lovely and talented Miss Natasha






Nonstop Action

Quinson Valentino

 As of 6/10/05 he is your AWWL Champion.





Gorrilla Barone





The Chair Swing'n Freak,

Balls Mahoney



Unknown Commentator


Flex Watson Reports


     Like all of the All World Wrestling League shows since the XWA has been reborn the 8th in Mason Michigan was not your typical show.

Before any action could take place, before any of the wrestlers could strap up their boots Shaffee and Ms. Natasha entered the ring. In typical fashion that we have come to expect from Shaffee he berated the crowd as a pack of losers who have no real allegiance to anyone or anything. Shaffee then turned his attention to the C.E.O. of the AWWL, Ed Farhat Jr, otherwise known as Captain Ed George. Shaffee berated Ed as a has-been, as a sick individual who had masterminded the upset victory that Quinson Valentino had over Ricky Stryc9 at the previous show in Mason on June 10th. Here is a small excerpt from what Shaffee had to say about the events that evening:

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Let's talk about tradition
The NWA US Champ, The Sheik was the wildest SOB in the business. He turned on many partners-Firpo, Bruiser (in 1963) Dusty Rhodes, Ernie Ladd, Bull Curry, Killer Cox, George Steele and Abdullah are a few that come to my mind. He mercilessly mowed through opponents with brute force, animal savagery, foreign objects, fire and always had a manager to interfere and distract the ref. Prophetically, his manager was called The Weasel, the same name you chose to call Shaffee. (Is it all becoming clear yet?)
Sheik had 2 sons but only 1 son who wrestled-Ed Farhat, Jr as Captain Ed George, but did the son honor the Sheik's tradition?

Mark the lark checks in



Commissioner Medicine

6/27/05 From the Commissioner's desk

After much time debating and going over and over the recent turn of events in the All World Wrestling League I have been given permission to make some changes and some BIG announcements.

4/3/05 In Appreciation Of Sabu   It is absolutely no secret that I am a major Sabu fan. First time I met him I didn’t speak to him, I just shook his hand and walked off thinking ‘That was pretty damned cool" Read It


Ricky Was Robbed ! 6/15/05

Ricky Stryc9 defeated Balls Mahoney for that belt over a year ago. Nobody has touched him since. Farhat and Medicine knew that the only chance they had was if they pulled a ridiculous stunt like the one they pulled in Mason

  Read What Shaffee really thinks!




B.T.W. History

Undoubtedly one of the most fearsome competitors in the entire history of professional wrestling. Rivaling THE Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher in their prime, Frank Goodish, better known as either King Kong Brody or Bruiser Brody was undoubtedly one of the scariest men walking the earth.

Know your history.   Medicine    Read the rest





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The Bax Page main

6/12/05 Mark the lark  interview

            3/01 Baxley Scores an interview with Jade  


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