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She is the XWAs secret weapon in their war with the AWWL, but is there more to this gem than meets the eye. Tonight "TBP" treads back into the darkness to talk with the XWA's most cunning and elusive member, as gorgeous as she is deadly, JADE joins us for her first and only candid interview since joining the XWA, right here on TBP!

Welcome everyone back to a new edition of TBP, sorry we've been away for a while but colds and flu season even hit us "teddy bears" but thanks to Mother Baxley's patent cold cure of homemade chicken soup and a couple of pazckis we are back in fighting shape, maybe down 10 pounds, but back in shape nonetheless.  Before we have our interview with Jade, some business to take care of,. We need you AWWL Fans out there to write and/or call our sister station WWMT in K-zoo and have them put us on at a better time than right before the hair in a can infomercial. Also in the coming weeks we hope to get an interview with Jake Walsh, Medicine, Ed Farhat Jr. and a long time wrestling fan and snappy dresser in his own right, MARK THE LARK, and we might even dwell into a few commentaries as well, so stick with us and watch us grow.


Now to our guest, she is as I said in the intro, an elusive and cunning force to reckon with in the world of Pro Wrestling. She has amassed a impressive winners circle of successes in her short career as manager of champions. She has now, along with her main attraction Eddie Venom and Shaffee, reformed the XWA into a real threat.  Joining us now after a long time of request..JADE


When you were a kid growing up in Guelph,Ontario
Canada, what was your dream goal?

When I was a "kid" I wanted to be a teacher like
every other kid. 


You follow a short but growing list of women managers,
From Missy Hyatt to the late and very missed Miss
Elizabeth, In your opinion, do you think that we will
see more women as managers than as valets?

Honestly, no I do not.  In my opinion, woman these
days come into the business wanting attention and to
look hot.  They either come into the business not
knowing a thing about wrestling or just started
watching it 2 years ago.  I don't blame them for
wanting to get involved.  By Vince McMahon's actions,
he has set out an example that if you have big fake
boobs and can stand there without tipping over then
you're golden. 


Where do you see independent wrestling in say 5,6

I'm hoping to see less competitiveness between Indy's.  Once
that's established and the more fans come to support
all Indy wrestling, then it will be stronger than

You've an impressive list of wrestlers as clients. Who
would you say has been the most awesome, fun, and
unpredictable out of all of them and why.

Awesome:  "The Franchise" Shane Douglas - I learned
mostly from Shane.  It's a different feeling when
you're working with a Vet.  Good feeling, that is.
Fun:  Eddie Venom - Eddie makes things really
enjoyable when I'm out there.  He makes me feel
relaxed and often tries his hardest to make me laugh.
He barely succeeds though.
Unpredictable:  Truth Martini - Truth is absolutely
amazing in the ring.  With Truth, it's mostly eye
contact that I read off of.  We have great
chemistry. That's how great I am!

What made you decide to go to the XWA? and in your
opinion do you think that with Shaffee on board with
total control the XWA may have a chance to take out
the AWWL.

What *MADE* me decide?  Nothing MADE me do anything.
You look at XWA....then you look at AWWL.  It's a
GIVEN as to WHY I went to XWA.  AWWL is full of
cowards!  I made Crusher into a Champion.  I helped
him successfully defend his title.  And what's he do
when I'm busy with other clients???.  LOSE his title to
Balls Mahoney!!!  Then he doesn't show his face for
months and never answered any of my calls because he
knew WHO he'd have to deal with!!! 
As for your second part of this question.I'm going to
make this real simple for you to read:  XWA WILL TAKE


Was your decision to join the XWA made due to not
being involved in some of the past AWWL events,or

AWWL was scared of me.  They were scared that their
devoted walking Barbie dolls, Natasha and Rhonda,
would easily be outshined by ME!  It's ok, I'm quite
used to it.  Who isn't jealous of my curvaceous,
exotic beauty?  Shaffee saw how BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED
I was and couldn't believe the lack of respect I was
given from the AWWL.  Shaffee believed in me and
allowed me to showcase my talent!!  Talent, something
the AWWL is lacking of after Truth Martini and Eddie
Venom came over to the XWA!

Do you see a time when Women wrestlers will gain equal
respect as their male counterparts do in some
wrestling circles?

Where have you been???.At home glued to the TV while
watching all the useless drama on WWE???  Get out of
the house, look around the Independent scene and dare
to ask me that question again.

In your wrestling life, in what arena's have you found
fans to be the most receptive, while on the opposite,
what arenas left you sort of in the cold?

Sweetheart, like me or hate me, I still receive the
biggest reaction because people are always in 'awe'
over me. 


Which do you prefer the most, the intimacy of a TV
studio taping, a place like The Temple Club, or a
sports arena for wrestling?

I could care less.  Either way, the camera loves ME.

On your blog, some anonymous ingrate has taken some
cheap shots at you and even at some of the nice things
I've said about you on your blog. What do you have to
say about those who are afraid to put their names on
comments, yet are bold enough to make them ?

As many shots were fired, they all missed and hit the
Lets get to know the Jade that some of us get to see
outside the ring. Now I've been to your website and
seen some great photos. Did you at one time see
yourself as a model or a movie actress? What got you
involved in pro wrestling, and what else have you done
outside of wrestling?

First of all, stop drooling because I'm sick and
tired of tip-toeing over your puddles.  If you
would've seen past your saliva, you would've noticed
the section that says "Modeling Photos" and if you
AWWL Columnist had an inch of a brain you would see
that it tells you I model.  Anyway, yes I have seen
myself as a movie actress and I still do.  Who knows
what the future will hold.  I've been a fan of
wrestling since I could remember!  I always thought it
was exciting but never thought about getting into it.
I knew a few people in the business who later on got
me training.  What do you mean what have I done
outside of wrestling?  I have a life and do fun things
rather than sit there and drool/dream/browse!!!


Now not many people have a keen eye when watching
music videos, but weren't you in one of Ashanti's
videos, and what was that like?

I was in Ashanti's "Rain On Me" music video in the
red carpet scene.  If you look very closely, you'll
see that I'm the only one wearing blue jean capri's
along with my orange J.Lo tank top.  I was walking and
as usual my beauty stopped one of the director's and
asked me to grace Ms. Ashanti's video.  Ehh, I guess I
could hold off the rest of my shopping.  It was
loooooooong yet fun.  Ashanti's a cute as a button.


Now everyone at least here knows you as the manager of
Eddie Venom, and you two are like brother and sister in
and out of the ring, how did you two get together?

Eddie Venom needed some guidance to go to the top.  I
offered him my services and to the top he went.  Since
being my client, he is one half of the UWF Tag Team
Champions, MWA Heavyweight Champion (x2), and the TZW
Heavyweight Champion!  Did I mention that he currently
holds ALL titles?!?  Allow me to repeat myself. Eddie
Venom w/Jade is one half of the UWF Tag Team
Champions, the MWA Heavyweight Champion, and the TZW
Heavyweight Champion!!!  My arms are tired from
holding all his titles for him.


Will we ever see you and Miss Natasha in the ring to
finish some unfinished business?

Did you ever think your blond beauty, Miss Natasha,
would ever be that special to be in the same ring as
me???  If she gets in my business, I will have no
problem dragging her into the ring where she will feel
nothing but excruciating pain from head to toe. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I've already ruled INSIDE the ring in Asia, all over
the United States, Mexico, and in Europe.

Ok've faced many an obstacle bigger than
Eddie Venom, but now its time to face.. THE THREE
Remember, the 3 questions are sent via FedEx from
Hollywood's most prestigious accounting firm,
Dewey, Cheatem, Howe and Fleecem, no one from the
XWA, AWWL or even I know the content until I rip open
the Golden envelope at the moment of our interview.
*Rips open the golden envelope*
Hmmm, interesting 3 this week..
Eddie venom or Shaq, who could throw down a wicked
slam dunk?

2004 was a great year for South Detroit's Eddie Venom
as he won 3 new titles.  Hmm, wasn't that the same
year the Detroit Piston's won the NBA Championship?
In that case, if you haven't figured it out, EDDIE


If your agent called you and said that you were chosen
to be a bond baddie for the next 007 flick, would you
accept it, or would you want for them to include Eddie
Venom in the deal?

Accept.  Who do I look like?  An agent???  How about
I book Venom to give you a big boot. 


What Movie or favorite song best describes you?

ZOOLANDER!!!  My mother agent almost looks like
Mugatu.  And I think that's way cool!


Finally, what would you say to the young kids out
there who may want to be the next Jade or Eddie?
(Wow..a bonus question?? these guys must've got the
oscars gig again!)

Find a reputable wrestling school, train, and never
give up.  Keep your head up and always strive to be
the best!


Thanks Jade for giving us an interview no one will ever forget as well as insight to your own life as well, and folks that this edition of TBP,next time , we hope Medicine will consent to a interview and will see if whipping the XWA is more harder than surviving THE BAX PAGE! till then Im Steve Baxley, always a thrill.

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