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I'm checking in via laptop returning from a tour in Memphis but I'll be back late tonight and hopefully can make the Mason show.
I am sorry I missed it. History was made. The circle is at last complete.
Let's talk about tradition
The NWA US Champ, The Sheik was the wildest SOB in the business. He turned on many partners-Firpo, Bruiser (in 1963) Dusty Rhodes, Ernie Ladd, Bull Curry, Killer Cox, George Steele and Abdullah are a few that come to my mind. He mercilessly mowed through opponents with brute force, animal savagery, foreign objects, fire and always had a manager to interfere and distract the ref. Prophetically, his manager was called The Weasel, the same name you chose to call Shaffee. (Is it all becoming clear yet?)
Sheik had 2 sons but only 1 son who wrestled-Ed Farhat, Jr as Captain Ed George, but did the son honor the Sheik's tradition?
No-Jr was a fan favorite. As a father, that must've hurt worse than a Bobo Brazil headbutt, but if The Sheik knew anything it was that timing is everything if you are going to win in the end.
Years passed, Captain Ed retired and The Sheik found a blood relative protege'-his nephew Sabu, whom he reared in the tradition of ruthlessness and disregard for all that is good.
In Japan, Sheik and Sabu tore opponents to shreds and Sabu's
rulebreaking , bloodletting ways made the old man smile in his soul. Sabu's homicidal, ways made ECW a legendary promotion.
When the AWWL started promoting, you folks tried to make Sabu something he was never destned to be-A good guy, a fan favorite. This was never meant to be and it cost Sabu the 2 things a wrestler needs.
#1 Self esteem and inner peace
#2 A Title belt
What happened in Ionia last night was pre-ordained.
History can now, at last, repeat itself and the Road to Cobo is being repaved and will be built on the blood and flesh of those who think Sabu can be controlled and manipulated as a fan favorite.
I saw something in Sabu's eyes at that last Mason Show when he was reduced to pandering to the fans and letting them take polaroids with him. It was the look of a man who knew his true destiny and debt to his Uncle Sheik were being betrayed. I knew then it was only a matter of time.
I like Eddie Jr and can appreciate the physical and emotional distress he's feeling, but if you are going to "talk tradition" then you you have to be willing to "experience tradition".
Truth and destiny move hand in hand and sometimes they hurt.
Sabu has a debt to repay to The Sheik by carrying on his wild ways and what we are going to see over the next months is a return to the real tradition of Big Time Wrestling as defined by it's founding father, the man who invented "hardcore" The Noble Exalted One-The Madman from Syria The Sheik.
My advice to Eddie Jr, Thomas and to Medicine is to get out of the way and let destiny run it's course.
A line was drawn last night and it'd not be wise to cross it.
Tradition has at last returned to Big Time Wrestling.