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By Flex Watson


     Like all of the All World Wrestling League shows since the XWA has been reborn the 8th in Mason Michigan was not your typical show.

Before any action could take place, before any of the wrestlers could strap up their boots Shaffee and Ms. Natasha entered the ring. In typical fashion that we have come to expect from Shaffee he berated the crowd as a pack of losers who have no real allegiance to anyone or anything. Shaffee then turned his attention to the C.E.O. of the AWWL, Ed Farhat Jr, otherwise known as Captain Ed George. Shaffee berated Ed as a has-been, as a sick individual who had masterminded the upset victory that Quinson Valentino had over Ricky Stryc9 at the previous show in Mason on June 10th. Here is a small excerpt from what Shaffee had to say about the events that evening:


SHAFFEE: 的n typical Fahat fashion, you piece of garbage, you had your good little Indian do your dirty work! After Brandon Andrews got busted open the match should have been over, but no, you cheating piece of garbage! You had your own personal Tonto go out and make himself referee! That is an abuse of power! When we win back OUR title and Sabu comes back here, after his successful run on one of the WWE痴 most popular Pay Per Views of the year I am taking over the office! I知 going in and changing the locks, I知 going to tear your picture down off the wall and put my picture up next to The Sheik! I知 tossing out all the contracts and I知 going to remake this company in an XTREME way! Barone, Medicine, Valentino, Dragon, Mattson all of those who have said they are loyal to the AWWL can be the new ring crew. They can set up the ring and I will have Medicine sweeping the floors!


      At that point the commissioner came out of the back obviously having heard enough. Medicine got into the ring and tore the microphone from Shaffee痴 hand. Medicine then began ripping into Ms. Natasha and then openly mocked Shaffee as a crybaby and 殿 punk ass who complains like an old lady with a bad back Medicine offered no apology for making himself the referee that gave Quinson the belt and for the 吐ast count. Medicine then went thru the litany of crimes of the XWA from the attack on him that started it all, to the attack on Ed Farhat Jr, to the attack on female wrestlers, other wrestlers, abuse of referees and the cheating constantly to win. Medicine was visibly shaking as he dared Shaffee to do something, there were a few tense moments as Shaffee thought about it then began walking out of the ring. As Medicine climbed thru the ropes Shaffee attacked and went to deliver his patented 鉄ound of Silence which looks astonishingly like a stunner to Medicine, Medicine threw him off and delivered an atomic drop sending Shaffee packing. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed this display.


     JEROME 泥O IT PRUITT DEFEATED FRANK STEIN IN 11MINUTES. This match showcased the talent of Jerome Pruitt and the resiliency of Frank Stein. Frank actually had the upper hand on the more muscular and rings savvy Pruitt for a good portion of the bout but this was definitely a case of the ring veteran taking advantage as Pruitt rocked stein with some very stiff right hands and finished him off with a top rope splash for the 3 count.


MIKE RIVERS DEFEATED RANDY WEST IN 16 MINUTES. Mike Rivers has been a consistent competitor in the AWWL with not the best win loss record but he does have heart. Randy West, better known as BaDunkaDunk in the Metro area showed her audacity and fierceness in the ring as she controlled most of the match but could not withstand the highflying assault of Mike Rivers as he delivered a devastating hurancurrara from the top rope and then somehow spun it into a reverse brain buster for the 1-2-3.


THE UNKNOWN COMMENTATOR DEFEATED UNREAL JUSTICE IN 22 MINUTES.  Typical of the highflying lucha libre style that The Unknown Commentator has adopted since his debut this match pitted two of the youngest and best of the AWWL in an all out battle. To Unreal he wanted to end the streak of the Unknown Commentator at 180 and 0 but it was not to happen on this night as the Unknown Commentator got in a small package on Unreal and got the 3 count. After the match Unreal delivered one of the most brutal chair shots anyone in the AWWL has seen since Balls Mahoney was here last. Fans the chair actually BROKE!


Quinson Valentino came to the ring and asked for Medicine to join him. Quinson spoke of how he appreciated the confidence that Medicine showed in him to allow him to wrestle for the Heavyweight championship while he still held the TV Title. Quinson then went on to announce that the championship committee had decided that he could not effectively hold both belts so he had to surrender the TV title. Medicine thanked Quinson and then announced that tonight there would be a new TV title holder as he personally picked three top names and they would have a three way dance to decide the winner, Those competitors were

Conrad Kennedy the 3rd

Dragon Terzis

The Amazing N8 Mattson.



This match was a barn burner! The 鄭mazing N8 Mattson truly lived up to his name as he and Dragon Terzis double teamed CK3 for a good majority of the match until Dragon seemed to be comfortable that he and N8 would be facing one another one on one. Alexander Cain pulled CK3 from the ring giving him time to catch his breath as N8 then went to work on a distracted Dragon who, unlike N8 is not used to Cain痴 nefarious ways. Dragon then rebounded a bit and sent N8 out to the floor where as soon as he got to his feet Dragon did a top rope plancha onto Cain, CK3 and N8! The crowd was firmly behind Dragon for the majority of the match as then CK3 had the upper hand and there were maybe 6 two counts between N8 and CK3. Dragon caught N8 off guard and rolled him up for the three count leaving just himself and CK3. Before Dragon could celebrate his victory CK3 pounced and had Dragon rocked, allowing Cain to take advantage of a distracted referee by choking Dragon with his tie. Dragon then came back as he seemed on fire with anger and directed his best offense against CK3. At one point Dragon had CK3 into the turnbuckle and pounded his fist into his head for a ten count. Dragon then mounted his best offense delivering a kick to the back of CK3痴 head and picked up the 3 count.



THE BUMP-N-UGLIES DEFEATED GUTTER AND JUDGE DREDD TO RETAIN THE AWWL TAG TEAM TITLES. Shock of the night was watching the BIG man come thru the curtain. Judge Dredd stands 71 and weighs 420 pounds easily towering over Josh Movado and Bubba McKenzie. Gutter started the match up by quickly taking advantage of Josh who was somewhat intimated at the thought of having to face the monster of Judge Dredd. There was great back and forth between Gutter and both of the Bump-N-Uglies then Judge Dredd made the tag and to just be honest he was like a huge tornado that devastated all in his path. Needless to say Shaffee came out of nowhere to BLAST Dredd in the back with a chair, but Dredd just turned to look at Shaffee like he was hit by nothing more than a spitball. Shaffee痴 face was worth the price of admission when Dredd went after him, the Uglies then took advantage and Bubba drop kicked Gutter while Josh came off the top rope with a devastating splash to get the win.



Eddie Venom made his appearance with Shaffee and Ms. Natasha in tow. Valentino came out by himself but the commissioner, Medicine, quickly joined him at the ringside table. Eddie Venom had the early advantage and even went for a quick three count in the early goings of the match. The thing with Venom is that he has this uncanny ability to move like a luchadore, that in and of itself is not so uncanny but when you factor in that Eddie Venom is 6 foot 9 then THAT is really interesting. Quinson is not and easily beaten competitor and even with the constant yelling and screaming of Shaffee about unfair calls, when there were none, and the distraction that Ms. Natasha was providing for the referee, he came back and took control of the match. Venom had Quinson on the outside for a few minutes and just when Shaffee was going to interfere Quinson took the match back into the ring. Quinson was again taken off his game by the aerial assault of Venom and there was a count of 2 and three quarters. Venom then came back with a flurry of rights and took Venom off his feet with a major league back body drop and then he covered Venom for a clean 1-2-3. After the match Shaffee then delivered The Sound Of Silence to referee Brian Mead and left the ring.


Things are seriously heating up folks. The desperation of the XWA grows with each day, the tenuous grasp that Medicine has on the AWWL is a pure breeding ground for bad things to happen. Shaffee has promised that he would eliminate all those in control of the AWWL. He promised me, the last time we spoke, that there are two key individuals that they, the XWA, have targeted and I know for a fact that Medicine is one; the other has to be our champion Quinson Valentino.


 I値l end this report with a quote from Shaffee

典rust me that we will be victorious; trust me that the bloodshed will be deep and the pain everlasting





Ricky Was Robbed

Note;  Views expressed by Shaffee are not those of the AWWL

I am disgusted, but not surprised by the actions of Medicine and Ed Farhat Jr. at the last show in Mason where Quinson Valentino "beat" Ricky Stryc9 for the AWWL Heavyweight Championship.

I'm not saying that Quinson can't beat Ricky, but I am saying that last week in Mason, Quinson didn't beat Ricky. Quinson is not to blame. I respect his talent but he is simply not deserving of the Championship.

Ricky Stryc9 defeated Balls Mahoney for that belt over a year ago. Nobody has touched him since. Farhat and Medicine knew that the only chance they had was if they pulled a ridiculous stunt like the one they pulled in Mason.

If I was a fan, I would have demanded my money back. They have taken a great independent championship that Ricky Stryc9 wore proud for longer than any other current champion in wrestling, and they diminished it to almost worthless.

People want to hear me shoot well this is a shoot! This is about as bad as when Vince screwed Bret Hart and handed the strap to Shawn Michaels. The only difference is that Vince knew Bret was leaving. Ricky Stryc9, who has been loyal to the fans since day one, is now considering leaving Big Time Wrestling. I don't blame him.

I hate to lose but I understand that it does happen sometimes. This time though, it's almost laughable. That belt now means nothing to me until it is won back in admirable fashion. The XWA will get it back and believe me fans, the XWA will return that title to one with integrity. Sabu is sickened by the news. While he was busting his ass to entertain millions at One Night Stand, I'm sure Quinson Valentino was the furthest thing from his mind. That won't be the case when they meet one on one for the belt.

Farhat and Medicine are cowards. They are rats trapped in a corner. As time goes by, more and more people start to realize that I am not a cancer in this promotion. I am hear for the fans enjoyment. You can hate me all you want, but I would never stoop as low as the AWWL did that night in Mason.

I am smart to this business. I realized a long time ago, long before I brought back the XWA, that the AWWL was a punk act. They continually insult the intelligence of true wrestling fans. I will not tolerate that. I am not worried about the idiots who continue to root for the AWWL no matter how many lies they are told. I know that real wrestling fans know that I am right when I say that the XWA is the true light. The AWWL will die unless I save it.

You haven't seen anything yet. They can ban me, Sabu, and the whole XWA if they want. I'll still sit at ringside and boo the whole damn show.

Mark my words. Quinson Valentino is going to be the scapegoat. He is going to pay for the sins of the AWWL. I am the judge and the jury, Sabu is the executioner. If I have to, I'll personally deliver the AWWL Heavyweight Championship to New York. The AWWL calls this a war. I call it a rebirth. I believe in tradition. I believe in blood, sweat and tears. I believe in The Sheik, Bobo, Terry Funk, Buddy Rogers and even Ed "Strangler" Lewis. Medicine is no George Hackenschmidt. Ed Farhat Jr. is no Captain Ed George. Call me a weasil. Call me a @#%$. Call me whatever you want.

Soon, you will call me the savior of Big Time Wrestling. I will die a martyr.

Thank you,
Shaffee the Voice of Violence




Ionia MI

Ionia Armory Community Center

May 21st, 2005


     It happened. In all of my years of watching wrestling and in the short amount of time I have been covering wrestling I was witness to one of the most anticipated events in wrestling history and witness to one of the most brutal acts of betrayal I have ever personally witnessed.


     I will start at the very beginning. What I have come to expect from the AWWL as of late is nothing short of surprises and more surprises. Medicine announced that tonight we would witness the long anticipated return of the one and only Human Highlight Reel, the Suicidal, Genocidal, Homicidal Maniac SABU! With that announcement the commissioner stood in the ring and welcomed everyone to the first AWWL show to take place in Ionia. Ionia was very receptive to Medicine as he asked everyone to stand for the pledge of allegiance. As soon as the pledge was over Kurt Von Timber made his way to the ring followed by a complete mad man who he held at bay with a chain and a short kendo stick.

     Von Timber made the announcement that there are no real Americans like him. That people are afraid to be Americans like him. That he is a pure American; he actually said that in front of Medicine! Von Timber accused Medicine of holding him back and being afraid of what and who he is. Medicine laughed it off and told Von Timber that he needs to leave the ring and 鍍ake that rabid puppy with you Von Timber called Medicine a cowardly dirt worshiper which got the commissioner angry and he told Von Timber to not leave the building because he will be in the battle royal tonight and that he and his partner will be facing a tag team of Medicine痴 choice at the next show.


    The Unknown Commentator VS Unreal was an amazing bout. These two up and comers give it 100% and go 100 miles per hour. Watching them on television is one thing but fans you really have to witness this type of action in person. It was a great bout with plenty of back and forth action and non-stop high flying moves that kept the crowd guessing who would win. Despite a last minute second wind on the part of Unreal the Unknown Commentator got the win with his patented flying cross body.


     The action was over for no more than a few seconds when the XWA made their presence felt by attacking both competitors. Josh Movado and Eddie Venom viciously attacked both men with Shaffee of course as the ring leader.

     Shaffee grabbed the microphone and berated the crowd and said, and I quote 徹nce again the XWA comes out to save the sinking ship that is the All World Wrestling League. Shaffee goes on to mention that the XWA is the premier organization of the world of professional wrestling and that the night is young and he guarantees he will blow the AWWL apart with what he has in store for the fans in Ionia.

     Medicine grabs a steel chair and gets into the ring. Shaffee yells that Medicine is a coward because he needs a steel chair. Medicine replies that one on one he will gladly take any and all XWA members but since Shaffee wants to jump on people and make a presence felt then they are in luck, because Shaffee gets to participate in the battle royal tonight!

     The crowd heartily agreed and Shaffee began screaming that he is not a wrestler but the commissioner痴 mind was made up and that was the end of the argument.

     As The Dynamic Josh Mavado was making his way to the back with Venom and Shaffee Medicine stopped him and announced this match was right now. With that Anthony Rivera and Ms Rhonda made their way to the ring. This match displayed the power of Josh, which is surprising as for a big man he moves with a deftness and displays his talent for in ring brawling against an opponent like Rivera very well. Rivera tested the mettle of one half of the AWWL Tag Team champions like he has never been tested. Movado at one point had Rivera set up in a Suplex and turned him around showing an upside down opponent to each side of the ring. Wasting valuable time and making a mistake he later came to regret Movado actually went after Rhonda who was on the ring apron, Rivera took advantage of the opportunity and delivered a devastating back body drop and got the pin. Movado actually lay down in the ring and had a temper tantrum! For his reward the commissioner gave Rivera and a partner of his choice a shot at the tag title belts the next time we came back to Ionia.


     Next up was 典he Specialist CJ Otis versus Mike Rivers. We witnessed a more aggressive Otis in this bout no doubt angry at the beating he took from the turncoat AWWL champion Ricky Stryc9 compound that with the brutal beating that the Bump-N-Uglies delivered to him at the show in Mason. Again folks I cannot stress how important it is that you come out to the house shows as none of the action that takes place there will be seen on television. After some high flying offense on the part of Rivers he made the rookie mistake of celebrating prematurely as his man was down. Otis took advantage and drop kicked Rivers into next week getting a quick roll up for the 1-2-3.


     During the intermission I asked Medicine how excited he was about the return of Sabu and if he had a chance to ask him about the XWA. Medicine shook his head no and said 的知 just anxious to see how he is after eight months of not being in the ring I壇 like to see how he does.

     Well folks, let痴 just say that if Sabu had any type of ring rust it was not apparent at all. N8 Mattson as always was simply 鄭mazing and Sabu did not seem to loose any momentum as we witnessed a great match with all of the action that we as fans of his have come to expect. N8 Mattson was the first to take to the top rope but Sabu quickly followed that up with a drop kick out of nowhere. Sabu then brought the steel chair into place and delivered a drop toe hold onto it. N8 rallied back with a charge from the ropes and a flying forearm smash to Sabu. N8 then set the chair back up and delivered a drop toe hold to Sabu which left both men spent. It was odd seeing Sabu there without Shaffee but he seemed to not notice his manager was not present as Sabu spun N8 into the cornered and delivered a flawless 鄭ir Sabu then quickly rolled N8 up for the pin. With that Shaffee made his appearance. Shaffee got into the ring and Sabu stared him down. There was an audible gasp as the crowd anxiously awaited the results. Sabu pointed to the sky and Shaffee extended his hand. Sabu shook Shaffee痴 hand then they HUGGED! Medicine was clearly beside himself and yelled for Captain Ed to come and see the disaster ion the ring. Captain Ed came out from behind the curtain and got right into the ring yelling at Sabu and calling him a liar and a backstabbing no good B-------! Sabu then pulled out a spike from his boot and proceeded to attack Captain Ed! Over and over viciously jabbing and stabbing his very own cousin! His flesh and blood, the son of his mentor, teacher and guide THE Sheik! Captain Ed tried to fight back but it was in vain as Sabu痴 assault was relentless.

     Shaffee was clearly enjoying himself and encouraged the brutal beating; Medicine seemed beyond stunned and actually held his head and looked around. Captain Ed tried at one time to get away but Sabu literally held him in the ring until finally Medicine grabbed a steel chair and jumped in the ring. Sabu stared at Medicine who was visibly shaken at seeing his mentor the Captain lying prone in the ring. Shaffee attempted to sneak into the ring but Medicine caught a glimpse of him from the corner of his eye and held both him and Sabu at bay with the chair until help could come from the back. It was seriously one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever witnessed as Sabu turned his back on family and goes with the weasel and the XWA.


    Eddie Venom versus Gutter was next and after a brave attempt by Gutter it came down to a numbers game as it always does with the XWA when Shaffee interfered and distracted Gutter allowing Venom to take advantage and hit Gutter with a chair behind the ref痴 back.


     The battle royal consisted of Mike Rivers, CJ Otis, Gutter, Unknown Commentator, Unreal, Josh Movado, Von Timber, Eddie Venom, N8 Mattson and Shaffee who was clearly so pleased with himself that he was literally jumping around the ring like he owns it.


     The Battle Royal was for a shot at the TV Champion and once the XWA had eliminated everyone except the Unknown Commentator, Shaffee eliminated himself saying into the microphone, 選 don稚 need a shot at the TV Title even though I could take it whenever I want it. I知 leaving that up to Venom and Movado, so I知 eliminating myself.

 And with that Shaffee jumped over the top rope. Josh and Venom toyed with the Unknown Commentator and took turns supplying and body slamming him over and over. Out of nowhere the Unknown Commentator reached down deep and eliminated Movado who was charging him. Eddie Venom then chopped Unworn over and over, placing him onto the ropes. Venom then went to the opposite side of the ring and was going to deliver a tremendous clothesline when Medicine pulled the top rope down and moved Unknown out of the way giving the victory to the Unknown Commentator.





     I had a chance to catch up with both Shaffee and Medicine and here are the exact exchanges we had.


FLEX WATSON: Shaffee you have actually seemed to pull off the impossible. How did you ever get Sabu to align himself with you?


SHAFFEE: What are you an idiot? Why else wouldn稚 Sabu align himself with me? I have led Sabu on a winning streak here in the AWWL that is unsurpassed. People keep bragging about the Unknown痴 win streak well what abut Sabu? Do you even recognize what a commodity he is in the world of professional wrestling? We are talking about the most influential wrestler in the last thirty years! The AWWL is old news. The people are hungry for new and exciting not the same old BS that the Farhats and Medicine show. Sabu and I will take this company to new heights that have never been dreamed of. We are the future of wrestling. Sabu set the standard in ECW and now WE, the mighty XWA take the bar and push it just that much higher. I am telling all the boys in the back, right now, and write this down you idiot; if you want to stay in this business then you better come aboard the XWA. If you align yourself with the AWWL then I cannot take responsibility for what the Bump-N-Uglies, Eddie Venom, Truth Martini, or Sabu will do to you. If your not with us then your against us!


F W: Why did you have to do what you did to Captain Ed? That made my stomach turn watching you cheer lead Sabu into such a brutal and vicious assault.


S: Don稚 be a sissy. 溺ade my tummy spin what a GIRL! (With that Josh Movado, Eddie Venom and Sabu approached us) That is one example of the lengths we will go to drive home our point. Like the point of that steel spike being driven into Ed痴 head, we are the most dominant force in the AWWL. We are now in charge. We have a hit list and Ed, you were on that list and if you poke your nose back into our business, we will finish the job. Now Flex, take another guess who else is on that list.


FW: Well, I知 going to say Quinson Valentino for starters because he holds the one belt you have no control over, the Milwaukee Crusher because he aligned himself firmly against you guys and Gorilla Barone.


S: You池e pathetic. You forgot two more. I知 done with this interview.


     The four men walked away and I went outside where I found Medicine talking to Tom Farhat. I asked Medicine if I could speak to him and he walked over still somewhat shaken.


FLEX WATSON: Medicine, there have been grumblings in the back that this thing has gotten way too out of control and you just may be in over your head. Now that Sabu has chosen his side what are your plans to save the AWWL?

MEDICINE: Grumblings? About me? Why aren稚 they grumbling about Shaffee and his band of inbred turncoats? Why aren稚 they as upset as I am that the CEO just got viciously attacked and no one did anything to help? Where are the guys who are going to step up to the plate and help me and Captain Ed? I am not a wrestler! Ed hasn稚 wrestled in 20 something years, where is the assistance? We have an active roster and where are they? Scared of Sabu? Sure me too but dammit I jumped into the ring anyways. How bad does it have to get before the AWWL locker room stops pointing fingers and second guessing each other and pull together?


FW: Not to sound too harsh but isn稚 that your job as commissioner? I mean aren稚 you supposed to bring the lockeroom together?


M: No Jackass! My job is to promote shows and book matches and try to maintain order. I知 not a locker room leader. I知 not here for that. Captain Ed isn稚 here for that. You know what; this interview is over because if you ask me one more stupid question I知 going to make you regret it. I may not wrestle but dammit I can fight, if the XWA want to fight I say lets do that.


     On a personal note I知 going to go out on a limb and say that Medicine is a desperate man. Shaffee is a desperate man. Desperate for control of the AWWL, and desperate to gain power.r. Desperate men do desperate things.

It痴 getting hot in here folks. Stay tuned.


8/21/04:  Shaffee, interviewed...

1) Who gave you the nickname "Voice of Violence"? 
 That name was given to me by my grandfather.  He was a fighter and trained with Joe Louis.  
During one sparring session, my grandpa knocked Joe Louis out cold.  Anyway, when I was a kid, 
I was always fighting with my brothers.  When I would yell at them, my grandpa would say that I had 
a voice of violence.
2) What痴 your first memory of wrestling?
My first memory of wrestling is watching the original Big Time Wrestling on CBC Channel 9 in Detroit 
with my dad on Saturday mornings.  I was probably 3 or 4 years old.  My dad took me to my first live 
event in January of 1985 at Cobo in Detroit.  In the main event, Andre the Giant beat King Kong Bundy 
by Count out.  Bundy couldn't get an advantage in the Match, so he just walked out.  Now I would be 
disappointed in a finish like that, but back then it was the greatest thing I had ever seen.
3) Medicine and you seem to be friends but to listen to you two talk it sounds like your always fighting. 
What痴 up with that?
 Well first of all, I don't have a lot of friends.  Friends are for weak individuals who can't manage on 
their own.  However, I do get along with Medicine for the most part.  But now he is the Interim 
commissioner of the AWWL and that is an important position with great power attached to it.  
I generally don't get along with authority figures.  If he considers me his friend then fine, but business 
is business and I just hope he doesn't try to hold me back like the late Dennis Allen did.  In other words,
I may be cool with someone off camera but when it comes to wrestling, I trust no one.
4) So you're just normally unfriendly. Why would you mark Ricky Stryc9 as a "marked man"?
He's helped Sabu, they even tagged before.
Ricky Stryc9 is a marked man simply because of the fact that he is The AWWL Heavyweight Champion. 
Everyone knows that Sabu should be the champion and I want that gold.  They say he's a really nice guy 
with a lot of heart.  Well, I'd like to rip his heart out of his chest and wave it around the ring on a stick.  
The way I see things, whoever is the champion will be the number one guy on my hit list.  The day is soon 
approaching.  Sabu will give Ricky Stryc9 a beating that will make him question whether to continue his 
career in the squared circle.  His valet Natasha is more than welcomed to spend some quality time with 
the "Voice Of Violence" though.
 5) At the end of the XWA when Kevin Sullivan attacked you what were you thinking?
I was only thinking about revenge.  I never got it though.  I didn't need to.  Sabu took care of the problem
for me.  Kevin Sullivan literally tried to kill me.  He wasn't the first one to attempt to end my life.  He spiked 
my head and turned me into a bloody mess.  What he didn't realize is that I would be back.  I always come 
back.  I come back because I've got the heart of a lion and the heart of an Arab.  Sullivan hasn't returned 
since then because he knows that.  I've seen violence my whole life.  I'm not scared of blood.  Until 
someone actually kills me, I'll keep coming back.
6) Who is a threat to Sabu as of right now in the entire world of Pro Wrestling?
Well, I think the only threat to Sabu is himself.  When focused, he has defeated some of the world's best.  
But he has lost some matches that I feel he was misguided for.  Sabu has not been pinned cleanly in the 
middle of the ring since he put me in his corner.  Let it be known that I have very little control over Sabu's 
actions.  However, we have an understanding.  He knows that I want to win at all costs.  If Sabu remains 
poised at all times, then nobody in the world can pose a legitimate threat to him.  I understand that he is 
the best wrestler in the world when he has his head in it.
7) Why has Sabu been kept from the title for this long?
It's pretty obvious that they don't want Sabu to be the champ.  I don't exactly know the reason.  Maybe it's 
because they don't want an Arab-American representing their product in times like these.  That would be 
pretty hypocritical if that's the reason.  I mean on one hand, you have an all American, good looking, young 
kid like Ricky Stryc9, and on the other hand, you have a scarred up, long-haired, Lebanese maniac that 
rips opponents apart like a crocodile.  That would be the only thing I can think of.  Maybe you should ask 
Medicine that question.
8) Who discovered that you could work at the TV studios but not the arena?
I believe that was Medicine.  For that, I'll give him credit.  He did his homework and obviously knew that 
Big Time Wrestling with Shaffee is far more entertaining than Big Time Wrestling without Shaffee.  
I know that Medicine stands up for what he believes and that he won't back down from anyone.  
That is admirable, but it also might be his biggest fault.  If he spreads himself to thin by upsetting 
too many people, then he might meet his doom.
9) When will your suspension be lifted?
When I prove to the board that I am not a danger to society.  I think Medicine is working on it, but who 
knows.  Just because I'm suspended doesn't mean that I won't show up.  You never know what I've got 
10) In a match who would win? Shaffee or the Unknown Commentator?
 That's a very interesting question!  We would have figured that out in November of 2003 if it wasn't for 
Kevin Sullivan.  I would say that I would win.  I'd give him the wrestling side of it, but I think that I could 
find a way to hurt him and make him bleed through his mask until he couldn't take anymore.  When you 
grow up my size and with as big of a mouth as I have, you learn how to hurt someone even if they 
outmatch you physically.  Unknown isn't bigger than me so I think I would win.  
11) How about some word association?  First thing that comes to mind...
Sabu  Violent.
AWWL  A much needed alternative
Backyard Wrestling  A good way to get paralyzed.
Paco  Good announcer, but not as good as the Unknown Commentator.
Medicine  Exactly what the AWWL needed.
Ricky Stryc9    Paper champion.
Sheik  The most influential person in wrestling history, hands down.
Hulk Hogan   Egomaniac. That's a good thing
Bill Alfonso     Nice teeth.  Looks like a crack head with AIDS.
ECW  Built by Sabu, died when he left.
Tradition  The single most important thing in wrestling.
Milwaukee Crusher  Coward.
Shaffee, thanks for your time...


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