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Learn the moves of the stars.

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Developing a persona is an important part of the business

School's open!

 Students from around the Midwest have 

joined the school , and have made great 

progress. If you think you are tough 

enough, and have what it takes to be a 

professional wrestler then the AWWL is 

your answer. There are no guarantees, its 

going to be a rough road. Making it in the 

AWWL school is no cake walk, but you 

will get an honest chance to succeed. 


If you want to be in the wrestling business 

then write to AWWL Wrestling School at 

3800 East Grand River, Williamston, Mi. 

48895 today.  Send us info on who you are 

name, sex, weight, and age.  Please include 

email address, phone number and  a picture 

of yourself  so are agents can contact you 

for an interview, and possible signing.


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This guy has been around the business a long time and will share his knowledge if you are willing to do what it takes.


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There is a lot going on here.  Learn how to put it all together.  Also, great  managers are hard to find.             

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Think you can take the heat?