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To the fans:

After much time debating and going over and over the recent turn of events in the All World Wrestling League I have been given permission to make some changes and some BIG announcements.
First off I want to thank the AWWL board of directors for this opportunity and I want to thank both Ed and Tom Farhat for providing great assistance and guidance.
If you have not seen the footage or do not know by now Sabu has turned his back on his own family to align himself with Shaffee and the XWA. This is a power struggle that has reached a pinnacle that has not been seen in professional wrestling EVER. There have been minor comparisons with the XWA and the NWO, I believe that it cutting the XWA some slack in those comparisons. Sabu is blood relations, he grew up around both Ed and Tom. He knows Princess Joyce as almost a second mom. This family's relationship to the world of professional wrestling is matched only by the McMahon family.Though I dare say that this family's history runs deeper due to the fact that since the 1940's Princess Joyce has been involved in a professional manner, and since the 70's when Captain Ed George held the WWS title up until the early 90's when Sabu traveled to Japan with THE Sheik has the Farhat family name and professional wrestling gone together.
To see that line broken and ripped asunder for a power grab, and make no mistakes about it, that's all it is, is nothing short of a Greek tragedy. These are indeed dark times for the AWWL. When the threat of Kevin Sullivan was gone we in the office breathed a collective sigh of relief. Ed even began announcing with me bringing with him a knowledge of the in-ring work and history of this company. We as a organization are being pushed too far. I am being pushed beyond my limits. I am a reasonable man but I am nonetheless only human. In Ionia I, along with Captain Ed did assist Quinson Valentino in winning the belt. AM I ashamed? Am I proud of what I did? No on both counts. I did what I felt was necessary. Shaffee does what he deems is necessary and so does Sabu. This is not a game. I love this sport and I love this company and to be trusted as I am by the board of directors and the Farhat family I have no choice but to take my responsibility seriously.
So In Mason, on July 8Th. AWWL will once again go head to head with the XWA as I am giving Eddie Venom his big chance. Eddie Venom will face Quinson Valentino for the Heavyweight title. The Bump-N-Uglies will face the phenom of the AWWL, The Unknown Commentator and a HUGE surprise partner for the AWWL tag team titles. We are in the process of finalizing the card and the participants but those matches have been signed.
In Ionia, I figure that is the place where all the rules were broken and family relations were broken so in that vein Ionia at the Ionia Armory Community Center for the first time ever, on July 15th head to head XWA vs AWWL in an all night NO RULES MATCHES. The ref will be there pretty much to count the 3 count and nothing else. If the XWA want to play by no rules I am thinking WE can oblige them. Mason and Ionia we are coming and we are turning up the heat in the summer.
To Shaffee and the rest of the BNU, I see what you are doing to Captain Ed. You're pushing him. You make your little jokes about him fighting fifty years ago. You're going to push him out of retirement and he will deliver a beating OLD SCHOOL STYLE, in the style of Bulldog Don Kent, Pampeiro Firpo, Tex Mackenzie, THE Sheik and others that you inbred idiots would NOT last bell to bell with. Heed my warning and back off now while he lets you.