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BTW TELEVISION  for October 23, 2004

By Flex Watson


The show opens with a new announcer Jake Walsh.  We go into the first match up.


BIG JAKE vs. GUTTER. No count out.

These two have been battling over the last couple of months in hard fought contests that have thus far saw Big Jake take the upper hand.

Gutter in the ring and he is ready. He's talking to the ceiling, talking to the ring mat, talking to his fists as Big Jake approaches and stares down Commissioner Medicine who is at the broadcast booth.

Big Jake with a flurry of blows to the head of Gutter, Gutter with a quick rebound and hits Jake hard with a European Uppercut followed quickly by a kick to the stomach and a DDT puts both men down. Jake back up with a solid right hand chop to Gutter followed by three more sending Gutter to the corner and Jake whips Gutter across to the other side of the ring, Gutter in the corner and Jake with a full head of steam running at Gutter who ducks out of the way and flips Jake over.

Jake back up and he's punishing Gutter with a serious offense. Jake is 6'9" but moves like a luchador when he wants to. Fast and hard whip into the ropes and Gutter tastes the big boot. Jake climbs up the ropes and begins yelling at Medicine calling him names and issuing various threats.

Gutter takes advantage and gets Jake with the school boy roll up for the 1-2-3


Next match was the one man wrecking crew Gorilla Barone vs. a new comer Rastakhan. Rastakhan is a buff looking young man with dreadlocks. I wonder if he knows that he's white? Anyhow, Rastakhan with a wild swing, he misses, Barone with massive Europeann uppercut, whips Rastakhan into the ropes, catches him and delivers a side slam, Rastakhan back up but very groggy, he nails a standing dropkick but it doesn't have the effect that he hoped for as Barone into the ropes now back up as Barone grabs Rastakhan and gives standing rollover slam! Barone is easily 330+lbs and moves so fluidly. Amazing ability from the big man.

Barone back off the ropes and delivers a heavy splash that puts Rastakahn about three inches deeper into the mat!

WINNER- Gorilla Barone

Big Time Wrestling 101 with SHAFFEE and Ricky Stryc9

Shaffee says that BTW 101 is actually the SHAFFEE SHOW, and he is always in charge. Shaffee insists Stryc9 make a decision about who should be his next opponent and why he's not defending his belt. Stryc9 responds that he has faced all comers for his title and that Sabu can be next but it is up to the commissioner. Shaffee says it's up to Sabu and him.

Next up is a tag team match up against The Hollywood Hustlers Thurston Brooks and Anthony Rivera vs. The AWWL heavyweight champion Ricky Stryc9 and the AWWL Television Champion Quinson Valentino.

The background for this is that Thurston and Rivera demand that Medicine instate Tag Team Championships, as thus far in the AWWL history there have not been any tag team titles. There was an argument in the back between Rivera and Brooks over who is the most dominant member of the Holly Hustlers, Medicine decided that IF, and that's a big IF, one of the members of the Hustlers gains a pin over whichever champion then that person gets a shot at his championship belt the next week.

This was a awesome match that showed Anthony Rivera putting it to each of the champions and Thurston Brooks gaining an advantage over Quinson Valentino for a few minutes but being overcome by the power of Ricky Stryc9 when Quinson made the hot tag. The ending was somewhat of a huge cluster mash as Anthony Rivera brought in a chair to beat on Quinson but getting stopped early by the referee which in turn gave Brooks the chance to get out his brass knuckles and nail Quinson square right between the eyes for the easy 1-2-3.

WINNER Thurston Brooks.

Shaffee is in the ring and announces that Sabu WILL come back but he's been "put out" whatever that means, for a while. Shaffee thanks Medicine for working on his suspension and trying to get him fully reinstated to come back to the arenas and says Medicine is doing a great job. Shaffee then asks Big Jake to come into the ring.

Shaffee is running Big Jake down, making fun of him for letting the Farhats call him "Big Jake" saying "I know you! You're a vicious sick man, you're not Big Jake, you're Eddie Venom. Medicine is right, you're BIG JOKE, a Big Joke to the whole wrestling world." Shaffee then asks Medicine to join him in the ring. Medicine stands staring at Big Jake, Shaffee demands the re-christened Eddie Venom apologize, Eddie offers a half hearted apology and Shaffee demands he do it again which he does. Medicine thinks it over, Shaffee says "Well big brother, my compadre, my friend, why don't you think this over?" Eddie Venom attacks Medicine from behind as Truth Martini and Jade get in the ring and Eddie Venom, Truth, Shaffee and even Jade attack Medicine! Shaffee takes out a t-shirt that has the letters XWA on the front and lays it over a beaten Medicine's face.

The new XWA stand triumphantly over the commissioner as the camera fades to black.

Big things happening here in the AWWL, the intensity has been turned up to full blast and alliances have been made and trouble is on the horizon! Stay tuned fans things have only started here in The All World Wrestling League!