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Thoughts About The New Year

1. The feud between the XWA and AWWL will begin heating  up to a boiling point in the new year of 2005. according to both XWA and AWWL presidents


2. Bryer Wellington has challenged Truth Martini to a ladder match anywhere any place.


3. The XWA's Shaffee says he has contacted former ECW stars to join the XWA. Stars such as The Sandman, Chris Candido, Justin Credable, Mike Awesome and others.


4.You will also see the return of The Task Master Kevin Sullivan.


5.XWA members  Eddie Venom and Jade have challenged AWWL star Milwaukee Crusher


6.Gorrilla Barone says he's AWWl all the way. Says "Bring on the XWA"


7. Hotstuff Rivera and manager- wrestler Prince Romeo, signed new contract with the AWWL


8. Medicine is on a mission to rid the AWWL of the XWA


9. Shaffee believes the XWA will not go away.


10. will Sabu go to the XWA.?


11. Jake Walsch, a bright spot for TV commentary of Big Time Wrestling


12. Tag team belts will be part of the AWWL this year, and also crowning the first cruiserweight champion


13.  TV champion Quinson Valentino remains one of the AWWL fans favorite


14.The Hotscots will return with new name, the Highlanders, and will be part of  XWA, according to Shaffee.


15.  Former WWE star Zach Gowen , signs one year deal with the AWWL


16. The Bump-n-Uglies sign agreement with the XWA


17.Ricky Stryc9, the AWWL champion will be tested this year. Will he be able to hold on to the belt?


18.Dean "The Dream" says "Give me Barone!"


19.Natasha returns with a new AWWL star to be named soon


20.Miss Rhonda will be doing more interviews this year.  The segment be called Close Up.


20.Will the Unknown Commentator stay unbeaten in 2005?   His record is 135 wins and 0 losses


21. Shawn Justice and Brandon Andrews coming into there own. 2005 looks bright for them both.


22.This year the AWWL will be looking to bring back;  Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels,        Shane Douglas, Raven, Devon Storm, Balls Mahoney, and will try to work out a deal to bring former WCW star Sting to the AWWL ring.


23. Max Vission, Rudo Cortez, Julian the Warlock will make appearances this year.


24.There will be at least 8 new  TV stations added to the AWWL TV network this year


25.Alexander Cain brings back Conrad Kennedy the 3rd

26.Coming soon, the 7foot 4 -433lbs  Judge Dread


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