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It has been a while since I wrote a monologue. I’ve been super busy with the business at hand. The one good thing about it is I get to talk to Ed Farhat Jr. often and we get to discuss the business from the inside. For a “smart” mark like myself this is always an enjoyable experience because I get to hear stories that probably no one knows outside of the Farhat family and those involved.


I’m not a brown noser or anything like that, ask Paco or Shaffee and they will tell you that my personality type doesn’t fit that bill at all. I appreciated THE Sheik and all that he meant to wrestling LONG before I ever went to my first AWWL show, but working along side Tom and Ed and Ms. Joyce they have instilled in us, those who work in the AWWL office, a sense of the man that others may not know.


There has been a trend lately that other wrestlers who worked for or with THE Sheik have developed in writing their books. Two in particular, Ric Flair and Ole Anderson have been somewhat disingenuous in how they portray the man who put Michigan on the map in the world of pro-wrestling.


Ole Anderson has a book out, and while I wouldn’t bother buying it I did stumble across an excerpt where he states, “ Talk about bullsh–. Farhat ran his whole business on bullsh–. But. The one ingredient Farhat had that worked was that the fans believed he was nuts. They believed he was nuts. They really did believe that his Sheik character was legitimate. They didn't think he was a wrestler. They thought he was a lunatic who would cut you in a heartbeat — and he would. He taped razor blades to his fingers. When he left the ring, he would cut people on his way back to the dressing room. I don't know if anybody ever put two and two together and realized that he had razor blades on his fingers, but even if they did, they would have simply said, "He's got razor blades on his fingers and he's cutting people with them. What a madman. What's fake about that? He's crazy!" That's all Farhat wanted. You didn't hear the Detroit fans say, "The Sheik is phony," because they were scared to death of him.”


Aside from writing like a 6th grader Ole expects us to believe this. First off, I never heard once, and I’m reminding you that I am a “smart” mark, about THE Sheik cutting people in attendance. IF, and that’s a major IF, that ever happened don’t you think we would all be talking about THE Sheik as being the guy who actually cut audience members and lost his business in all of the lawsuits that piled up against him? I mean GET LUCID for God’s sake! I remember the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Wasn’t impressed then and I’m not impressed now.


Name ONE single match that Ole Anderson was a part of that sticks out in your mind……….

Yeah. Thought so.


Ric Flair has a new autobiography out. He mentions THE Sheik. He gives a line about how THE Sheik killed this territory. Never mind that Vince McMahon Jr. did what he did (read “Sex, Lies and Headlocks” if you don’t believe me).

Big talk from a guy who couldn’t cut it in this territory back in it’s hey day. Keep watching the TV show and you’ll hear Ed Farhat Jr. tell all about it. Flair also talks about Mick Foley (Glorified Stuntman) Brett Hart (Brett screwed Brett) and a host of others. This from a guy who has had legendary matches I will freely admit. BUT, after watching his DVD set his matches are simplistic showmanship at best. Three chops and a belly flop or if he’s winning, four chops and a figure four leg lock.


It’s funny how since THE Sheik has passed that these and other genetic disasters come out of the woodwork to talk a bunch of crap. I guess it’s like my mama always tells me, “Consider the source”


See ya soon!


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