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I know that most of my monologues are open letter anyways, so I will do that for dramatic effect.

On to business. I know that everyone remembers the final battle at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids. Kevin Sullivan busted Shaffee wide open. That man was bleeding like his entire skull was split open to the back of his neck. I have been friends with Shaffee for quite sometime. It was my first arena show with the AWWL and I thought it could very well be my last but that night after seeing Sullivan, who outweighs Shaffee by more than a hundred pounds damage him like that I disregarded all of my trepidation about the outcome of the show and was worried about Shaffee’s well being. I had my wife go and check on him and sit with him in the back. To his credit he refused to go with the ambulance until the show was over.

I rode with Shaffee to the hospital, and I stayed with him for the night, sleeping in a plastic chair. I then drove him back to my house where he stayed another night and together with my wife we watched over him as he not only had a severe wound but a concussion to boot.

That is one of many examples of how many times I have gone out of my way in the name of FRIENDSHIP to help him.

Flash forward to the events at the studio. He turned on me, and together with Eddie Venom, you’ll always be BIG JOKE to me punk and Truth Martini and Jade they delivered a beating to me. I’ve watched the tapes and seen his face. The smile, the joy, the excitement. You would have thought he re-lost his virginity. While they were kicking me I wonder if he had even the slightest bit of remorse. Doubtful.

When I joined the AWWL, he was and is a hothead. He threatened Dennis Allen with a burning by Sabu. He also threatened me, which we “talked” about afterwards. Actually I pushed him into a corner and screamed as loud as I could that if he threatens me again, he can forget all about the nice guy that I am and quickly be introduced to the Indian that grew up in severe poverty and had to fight for everything he has. Literally fight, throwing fists, punching and pulling his way for a frickin meal.

Everything settled down after that. Sorta.

The XWA has no respect. Some people say that they are a rip off of the NOW, that’s not true. The NOW was made of millionaires who were starved for TV time. This is a group of individuals who have nothing on their mind but domination. They are not here for the betterment of the AWWL as Shaffee has said. They are here for the destruction of tradition. They are here for the devolvement of a company that has roots deeper than any other wrestling promotion in Michigan today.

Dick The Bruiser tried for years to eliminate THE Sheik form Michigan wrestling. Daring to run shows on the same day and even blocks away from THE Sheik. Why? For no other reason than to wipe him off the map. Sounds too simple right? It’s really that simple. Shaffee can say whatever he wants about bringing us into the “new” but as we have seen from other promotions. The “New” sucks! The “new” is filled with pseudo rapes, false pregnancy’s, domination of half witted semi talented steroid junkies, necrophilia, gay marriage, and debasement of humanity.  If I wanna see that crap I will turn on the news. Shaffee has turned what was on the right direction and fun in the process into something more personal than he wants. Somehow he got into Paco’s ear, which was the second biggest shock to me. My broadcast partner! Paco and I don’t go back very far, but I do have to admit that Paco was a big influence on me and he offered a lot of help in teaching me to project my voice, and stream my thoughts on the microphone. It’s not as easy as it seems people let me drop that here real quickly. We were and are not necessarily best buddies, but we shared a lot of commonality in our love of this business or so I thought. I think in his case it may be a money issue, but then again I could be wrong. I know that Sullivan has money and I think he is bank rolling that joke of the XWA. With Paco’s inclusion that just lets me know that more are on the way. Who? I can only guess. That’s the part that makes my stomach turn. As I write this my stomach is in knots. I was trusted to do a job here in the AWWL by both of the Farhat brothers and now this. I won’t fail in getting rid of the scum that is the XWA. I can’t fail. I had an Aunt that passed away a couple of weeks ago and when I went to her funeral some of my second cousins were asking me what I am going to do. These are boys and girls under the age of 12 and they all had looks of fear in thier eyes. I told them that it is nothing to worry about. That’s what I told them at the sad occasion, but what I felt at that moment was unknowing and THAT is what knots my stomach.

Not knowing is the thing that frustrates me. I now it’s almost Christmas but I don’t like surprises.

On the other hand I love to give surprises. I hope that Shaffee and the rest of those bottom feeders like surprises, I have plenty to give.




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