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For those watching the television show that originated from the Temple Club in Lansing you all saw a confrontation between Truth Martini, Shaffee and Zach Gowan and myself. You heard Shaffee say something that was bleeped out. He said, and I quote, ďI am not a wrestler, like Medicine said, I donít know how to do a suplex, or a arm drag or any of those things like my man Sabu does. I canít wrestle! Look at me, I am 156 lbs, Medicine is easily a hundred pounds more than me! I donít want to wrestle! No, on second thought, I donít want to wrestle, I want to fight! I came here tonight to KILL A FU*&%NG INDIAN AND I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL I DO!Ē


I felt my ears grow hot, my stomach tighten into a twisted burning knot and my hands become fists. I played it cool. I would get my revenge later, I would teach that little backstabbing weasel exactly how difficult it would be to ďkill a _______ IndianĒ as if his little punk narrow ass actually could.

I played it out perfectly. I approached Zach Gowan after the Sabu benefit show and asked him to join the AWWL. He readily agreed and we have come to a great agreement. This guy is a supreme wrestler and think about it, he has pinned some of the biggest names in the WWE, so I have no doubt that he will cause all the havoc and damage to the XWA that he can. Call that coup number one. Coup number two came earlier that day. I arrived at The Temple Club and guess who was waiting for me backstage? The Milwaukee Crusher. Here I was thinking that we were going to continue what had happened between us earlier this summer when we had a fight outside of the Optimist Sports Arena. I was not happy, but I was ready. Crusher stared at me for the longest time. I stood my ground and said, ďIf youíre gonna do something do it! I donít have time to waste right nowĒ Crusher said to me, ďIf I was going to do something I would have done it already, I have to talk to you. NOWĒ Crusher explained that Shaffee has called him a couple of weeks ago and offered him a spot in the newly reformed XWA. When Crusher heard that Truth and Jade and Eddie Venom were in the XWA he knew there was no way on earth that he would align himself with those backstabbing scumbags. Thinking quickly he told Shaffee that he was all set with the XWA,(Canít believe I said the Crusher was thinking quickly let alone thinking at all) and would see everyone at the Temple Club.

During our little confrontation, when Truth attacked Zach Crusher came out of the back and surprised everyone by announcing that he was with the AWWL. All I had to do was sign him a match for the Heavyweight Championship. Crusher versus Stryc9 is a main event anywhere so that was a no-brainer. Flexing my authority as the commissioner I announced a match between Truth and Crusher right on the spot.

Truth got crushed.

It was really a thing of beauty. So the XWA lost out on one of their guys for the main event. It suddenly was a 3 on two. The Stryc9 called me on my cell phone and couldnít make it, easy enough I put Crusher in his place. Unbeknownst to me Dean Jablonski called in and he couldnít make it. I could have easily taken myself out of the match and had Gorillia Barone and The Milwaukee Crusher take on Shaffee and Truth but I was a little blood thirsty at that point, and what type of guy would I really be to play fair against Truth and Shaffee? My mama didnít raise stupid people.

The actual match was tight, I tried and tried to get into the ring, Crusher and Barone were handling business though! I was salivating to get my hands on one of them. I didnít care at that point which one. Shaffee stayed clear and kept saying ďI donít wanna do this, I donít want to do this right nowĒ lucky for him Truth had the upper hand on The Milwaukee Crusher and was really putting it to him, at that moment Shaffee tagged in and was delivering a beating to an already beaten down man, in his own arrogance, Shaffee climbed the top rope and prepared to deliver a double-ax handle to The Crusher, Crusher stuck his foot up and Shaffee caught it squarely on the bottom of his jaw! That was pretty sweet. Crusher crawled over to our side of the ring and tagged me. I jumped in like a house of fire and landed a straight right hand to Shaffeeís face, then a chop to his neck and I tossed his narrow ass across the ring. I turned and hit Truth and before I could even turn around to go back after Shaffee two guys jump me from behind.Forearms to the back, punches to my head and face, kicks to my stomach and legs rained down on me from out of nowhere.

I tried to fight back a little but they were really pounding me. Barone stepped in, thank God, and cleared the ring. I sat up, my head pounding and spinning and turned expecting to see maybe Eddie Venom and Jablonski, or A-1 or maybe even Sullivan. Nope. Not at all. I saw Josh Movado and Bubba McKenzie from Independent Wrestling Revolution. The IWR, out of Detroit.


AWWL and Detroit

Iím not going to do a history of THE Sheik and Detroit. I shouldnít have too. See here is the deal. IWR is based in Detroit. They are Detroitís biggest independent, FOR NOW, and they think that they own Detroit. Wrong. I represent Tom and Ed Farhat. Ed Farhat Jr. that means his daddy was Ed Farhat senior. Ed Farhat was and is the one and only Sheik. I work for the Farhat brothers, so by extension of that I represent the Farhats. Sabuís cousins. In effect and for all general purposes I am a Farhat by extension. I embody the dreams and ideals of the AWWL, the tradition, the love of the sport. I live and breath the sport. I am a major mark and donít give a rats behind who likes or doesnít like that fact. For the IWR to come to our turf, our television, our ring, our building our show is perhaps one of the most disrecptful things that has ever been done in the world of wrestling. To get on our TV and interfere in our match, knowing full well what was on the line crosses the line. Shaffee recuited those inbred punk rockers to do what he canít do. Together Josh and Bubba make up the Bump-N-Uglies. Bump-N-Uglies? Are you serious? Both of them are ugly but Iím left wondering which one is the bump? Or better yet what and exactly does the Bump mean? Sorry, I got off the subject.

So The IWR comes and invades us. See, Iím not going to go and ďinvadeĒ Detroit. I canít. Thatís impossible. Iím going to Detroit and unlike the BNR crew and the XWA Iím not stepping into someone elseís backyard. Iím going HOME and trust me, Iím not going alone. I personally invite BNR to our next show. I really want you two to come. I want all of the XWA there. You will all bear witness to why the AWWL is where Big Time Wrestling originated. I wonít show you any ďSports EntertainersĒ I will show you individuals who will do battle against any and all comers.




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