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5 Count Chicago Death Match

Sabu w/ Rude Boy vs.
Kevin Sullivan

This match has been building up since Sullivan made his way to Big Time Wrestling. Now the leaders of the AWWL and the XWA finally meet in a no holds barred war. Everything is legal, including Sabu's fireball!
In added excitement, Rude Boy, the manager of Insane Clown Posse, will be in Sabu's corner for this match!

Monty Brown vs.
Mr. Hughes

Two of the biggest men in professional wrestling are destined to meet - one on one - at Final Conflict.

It's a contest of strength and endurance where neither man is about to back down.

Hardcore Ladder Match

Big Jake vs. Milwaukee Crusher

Their battles are an epic story that will one of the most dangerous and exciting matches in the sport:  The Ladder Match.

And that's not all....

The Hollywood Hustlers will take on the Hot Scotts in an elimination tag match!

Shaffee will face the Unknown Commentator in a Mask vs. Hair Match!

The Ladies will be competing in a Paddle on a Poll Tag Match!!!

Gorilla Barone vs. Blackjack Phoenix for the TV Title!

4-Way Dance:  Mr. Excitement vs. Great Mongo vs. Fly Guy Rocky Cannon vs. Alcatraz!

Our first Inter-gender Match:  Miss Olympia vs. Curtis Martin!

Pedro Gonzalez vs. Soulman Carter!

Making his AWWL debut...Warlock!

There's much more, but we need to save some surprises, don't we??....