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It is a truly sad moment for the wrestling world as we mourn the passing of one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle, Mike Hegstrand, better known as Road Warrior Hawk.   Hawk passed away October 19, 2003. While it is true he is gone... he will not be forgotten.

Road Warrior Hawk recently joined the All World Wrestling League for Under Attack in Jackson, Michigan, and the response from the fans was tremendous.   If a life can be judged by the lives you touch, then it is easy to say that Hawk's life was a wonderful journey, one that ended far to soon.

Eddie Farhat, AWWL President had this to say in response to the passing of this legend:

"For me, when I first met him, we had our first conversation and it was really an honor to be someone who just knew him. He was an incredible talent in the ring and educated man on the outside.   He was well spoken, kind, and he kept asking me what he could do to help.   He was willing to do anything to help the AWWL,and he just thought that it was wonderful that we were bringing Big Time Wrestling back to the days of my dad (The Sheik).   It was a true honor to meet and know him... he had a good heart, and I just hope that Road Warrior Animal will be able to join us in carrying on the Road Warrior tradition.   Hawk was part of the greatest Tag Team in wrestling history.   Right now I'm hurt and saddened by this loss.   I hope that the public will understand that these guys get in the ring and punish their bodies for what they love to do.   Hawk was one of those guys that just went out there and gave 100% every time. It was a true honor to meet and know such a great man, and my thoughts and prayers as well as the thoughts and prayers of everyone in the All World Wrestling League are with Hawk's family at this time. He will be greatly missed."

As we at the All World Wrestling League grieve, we know that our fans grieve with us. If you have a story about Road Warrior Hawk that you would like to share please send it to


"When I was in high school in the Mid-eighties I spent some time helping the ring crew for WCW.   I got to meet a lot of the guys and I'll always remember that Hawk was always one of the coolest guys I've ever met.   We'll miss you Mike.  Aaaahhh what a rush!"   -Shawn Brock