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Last Updated September 21, 2003

On September 7th in Jackson Michigan the AWWL finally got there hands on the XWA, the virus that has infected the world of wrestling. After a battle that led fans on a wild roller coaster ride of emotion, Eddie Farhat Jr. (AWWL Owner and son of the late Sheik) came to ring side with a steel-folding chair. In the blink of an eye Farhat cracked the chair across the head of XWA member Crusher leading to a Triple Jump Moonsault by Sabu and the win for the AWWL.

After the match was over, Kevin Sullivan got on the mic and verbally assaulted Crusher, before expelling him from the XWA.  With Crusher gone from the XWA, and after turning his back on the AWWL and its fans,  many have been left with the question, what's next for Crusher?

Internet fans, discussing the situation, tossed about a wild slew of ideas.   One fan tossed up the idea that he would rejoin the AWWL as a spy to kill the company from the inside.   Another offered that he would form an alliance with Big Jake, and his cousin, the monstrous Brimstone.   Many more ventured that with everything that has happened,  we may never see Crusher again.

To my chagrin, I was given a call by the XWA offices to come and get the real story.   It was with much trepidation that I ventured to XWA Headquarters on the afternoon of Friday, September 19th to have a sit down interview with XWA founders Kevin Sullivan, Devon Storm and the man in question, The Milwaukee Crusher.

What follows now is a transcript of that interview:

Ric Parks (RP): Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Storm, Mr. Crusher, thank you for giving me this opportunity to -

Sullivan:  OK, you can shut up right there. The only reason that you are here today is because the all mighty Sheik told me that it was in our best interest to let you in on the facts of life.

RP: Well, thank you.

Sullivan: Now normally I would just tell you what I want you to here. But this is a little bit different so you go ahead and ask your stupid questions.

RP: Well the big question on everyone's mind right now is actually about Crusher.   After the match at Under Attack it was made very apparent to us all that Crusher was out of the XWA for good. ...that he wouldn't be returning and that you had washed your hands of him.   Now he's here with us in XWA Headquarters.   Crusher, what can you tell us about your relationship with the XWA, the AWWL and wrestling in general?

Crusher: Lets start off with the AWWL.   I joined the AWWL because I knew that I was going to be the star. I was going to be the guy that all the fans came to see.   I joined up with a group of guys that were nothing but pure talent.   Of course I'm talking about the Army of Darkness.   I won match after match and what happened?   Did I get the respect I deserved?   Hell no.   All of the stupid AWWL fans just booed me.   The next thing I know I have Big Jake coming around and do my Army of Darkness buddies back me up?   NO.   Then I see the legendary Kevin Sullivan in the ring and he's being treated with same disrespect I am.

RP: Is this how you were feeling as well Mr. Sullivan?

Sullivan: You know the fans are like a dog with rabies.   They love you one second and the next they turn on you.   The fans turned on all of us, and so did the AWWL.   They banned us from the arena, and tried to stop us from making a living.   But The Sheik told us what we needed to do. He told us to create the XWA and he told me that Crusher was to join.

RP: So that's why you joined the XWA, because The Sheik told you to?

Crusher: The Sheik tells me to do something and I follow it.

RP: Sounds like good advice.   Now to skip ahead.   If you would tell us about Under Attack.

Storm: At Under Attack we had one goal.   To destroy the AWWL.   To tear them limb from limb until every shred of their existence was left on the Blood Path THE BLOOD PATH!!!

Crusher: Yeah and we were doing a good job of it too right up until a little outside interference got involved.

RP: Yeah.   Eddie Farhat Jr. came out and hit you in the head with a chair costing you the match.

Sullivan: That's right he did cost us the match.   Crusher cost us the match as well by putting himself in a position where he could get hit with that chair.   That's why he was expelled.   However the Sheik had other plans that I didn't know.

RP: Could you share with me these, plans?

Crusher: Kevin and the Sheik talked and they decided that I was to be rejoining the group but not without offering retribution to my team, and the Sheik himself.

RP: Retribution in what form?

Crusher: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

RP: I'm afraid I don't understand.

Crusher: Eddie Farhat hit me, Eddie Farhat accosted me, and Eddie Farhat led me to a beating.   In return for my return to the XWA I have simply to return the favor to Eddie Farhat himself. Sometime, when he's in the back, or in the ring, or in the parking lot, maybe even at his home, I will personally hunt down and hurt Eddie Farhat.   I will break him down, and I will feel his blood run through my hands.

RP: That's a scary thought.

Crusher: It is scary.   And Eddie should be scared because it's coming, and it's coming when he least suspects it.

RP: Wow. So there-

Sullivan: He told you what you wanted to hear.   He told you all you needed to hear.   Now you need to leave.

With that I left the XWA Headquarters to the safe haven of the AWWL.

To all concerned fans of the AWWL, please know that I have already shared all of this information with Eddie Farhat. When news of the Crushers threats reached Eddie Farhat, I saw a look in his eye that I have never seen before....The look was fear.