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An interview with Commissioner Dennis Allen


I had the chance to go to the corporate office of the AWWL, and meet with AWWL Commissioner Dennis Allen.  I walked in the main door,  and was greeted by receptionist Connie Glass.  I let her know that I had an appointment with Mr. Allen in order to interview him for  You see, even though I work for the AWWL, I still had to get a appointment with Mr. Allen...that's just how busy this man is.  After a few minutes, Dennis came out of his that is right next  to Eddie Farhat and Tom Farhat's offices (the owners of the AWWL).  He greeted me and we walked back inside his office where I was blown away by all the old big time wrestling memorabilia.  On one wall was a giant picture of the greatest of them all, the Sheik, and on the other wall was today's super star, Sabu.  Yet another wall had pictures of all the greatest:  Bobo Brazil,  Leaping Larry Shane,  Wild Bull Curry,  Pampero Firpo, Bulldog Don Kent, The Fabulous Kangaroos, Killer Brooks, Johnny Valentine, Bruno SanMartino, Mighty Igor, Flying Fred Curry, Dick the Bruiser, Chief Jay Strongbow...I was surrounded by greatness!

We sat down and spoke at length.  Following is a transcript of that conversation:


CANTON:     Mr. Allen, how do you feel now that the XWA is gone?

ALLEN:        Well, I'll tell's great!  They were a cancer that had to be taken out of action.  As a result of the tremendous clash at                 Final Conflict, and subsequent defeat of the XWA, Kevin Sullivan is now working under contract for us along with the rest of the                     former  XWA stars.  Sullivan has been suspended, though, for another 8 weeks because of his conduct at that show.  He almost ended                    some careers, and what he did to the Farhat brothers was totally uncalled for.  

CANTON:     Mr. Allen, will the match involving the Farhat's be available to the public? 

ALLEN:        Oh yes, but only on video was a special night caught on tape, and will be on sale along with other matches soon.  Because of     its extremely violent nature, we can't show it on TV.

CANTON:    You mean it was that violent?

ALLEN:        Probably one of the most violent encounters I've witnessed.   I was there, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  In fact, Sullivan even tried to take me out, but thanks to Sabu, I was saved.

CANTON:    Mr. Allen, how about Shaffee?  How is he doing?

ALLEN:        Well he got beaten very badly, and ended up with 20 stitches in his head thanks to Sullivan.  He will be back though.  

CANTON:    So, Mr. Allen, where is the AWWL going from here... what's the plan?

ALLEN:        Well I'll tell you...They're going to the top.   Their TV product is the highest rated show in the time slot, and getting stronger every      week.  Other TV stations around the country are getting aboard as well.  By March of 2004 we should be on over 44 stations                          nationwide.  It's looking great!  The attendance at live events is growing each show, and in fact, it looks like December 13th in                    Jackson will be our best crowd to date!  We are expecting well over 1,000 people, as the ticket sales are going great.   You see, this is                    really tradition.  Big Time Wrestling of the 60's,  70's, and  80's  was the number one wrestling company of them all , and now they're                    looking to recapture  all that once again.   I believe it's going to happen. 

CANTON:    Mr. Allen, when will an AWWL champion be crowned?

ALLEN:        Well, we are talking about hosting a tournament soon, and  are working on securing a location for the live show.  Right now, it's been    narrowed down to four cities:  Grand Rapids, Jackson, Kalamazoo, and East Lansing on the campus of Michigan State University.  The                    reason we've chosen not to pursue Detroit for this event, is that we plan to come to that city sometime in mid 2004 for "The Sheik's                    Memorial Cup"...hopefully at Cobo Arena, where it all began.   

CANTON:    It was at this point that  the phone was the Farhats.  Mr. Allen told me he was sorry to cut the interview short, but he needed   to take the call.  He told me he'd be awhile but to come back again, and we could finish up our talk then.  As I walked out of his                    office, a feeling came over of respect for the past, and tremendous excitement for what was to come from the AWWL.  Big                    Time Wrestling was back- better than ever.