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Barone…can anyone stop him?  The battle for the number one spot is really building up here in the AWWL.  Tempers are flaring, and fights are breaking out left and right in the locker rooms.  Everyone is going the extra mile, and taking it to the limit in preparation for the largest tournament in wrestling.


On April 3rd in Grand Rapids at the Delta Plex, everyone can expect promoters from all over the world to come in and see who will win the gold belt.  Representatives from Japan, California, Puerto Rico, down South, and even Australia will be on hand.  One of the major predictions going around right now is that the one man wrecking crew…the one man meaner than mean, Gorilla Barone, will prevail as champion.  He has such strength and ring savvy, not to mention the fact that he’s stronger than a bear…that no one can even think of someone that can beat him- not even Sabu.


It’s been a long time since the fans and media have been this interested in an event of this nature.  It’s been a long time also, since there’s been such a wide-open field for the title win.  There’s even going to be talent, not booked themselves on the card, which plan to attend just to check out who’s going to win.


Tickets are available at the Delta Plex box office, and will soon be available at all TicketMaster locations.  Special guest referee, the Hoss, will oversee the finals inside the cage, along with Senior Referee, Art Mendez.   Art will also helm all the pre-finals matches.


In a pre-event draw for opponent, it’s been determined that Sabu will face Balls Mahoney…this one should be a total train wreck!  There’s no doubt that everything will be brought out…chairs, tables, maybe even the kitchen sink!  It’ll be wild, as will the whole night…if you only see one live show, be sure to catch this one at the Delta Plex on Saturday, April 3, 2004…8pm bell time. 


You won’t be disappointed.