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 There hasn’t been a championship title in over 40 years that has had so much meaning. You see, in 1964 The Sheik won the U.S.A Title Belt from Johnny Valentine at Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI in front of over 9,800 people. That same year, The Sheik started Big Time Wrestling, and the U.S.A. Belt was the biggest title in the world. The only other belt that meant as much was the N.W.A. World Championship Title that was held by Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr., and Terry Funk just to name a few. During the next 25 years, The Sheik defended the U.S.A. Belt in more than 8 countries, as well as the United States. Every top star fought The Sheik tooth and nail for that coveted title. Only three people won the title just to lose it back to The Sheik. During the last 12 years of The Sheik’s title reign, he never lost the belt again and retired as champ.

 Now, after 20 years, Big Time Wrestling has returned with The Sheik's sons reopening the company under the banner of The All World Wrestling League. They have been in business since last March and on WWMT TV 3 in Kalamazoo every Sunday at 11am and WLAJ TV in Lansing every Saturday at 7 pm and at 12 midnight, and will soon be on 44 additional stations in the United States and international markets.

Now the tradition continues as the AWWL crowns their first champion in Grand Rapids April 3rd at The Delta Plex. It’s called "THE CROWNING OF A CHAMPION".  This night brings back the most prestigious belt in professional wrestling. The night of the event there will be 10 semi final matches with the winners moving on that night to the championship match inside a 15 foot high steel cage.  Ten top wrestlers from around the country will battle for the gold inside the cage of steel until there are four men remaining. From that point on it becomes a free for all and the first man out of cage wins the title. 

Here are just a few names that will battle to get to the cage: former ECW star, “The Chair Swinging Freak” Balls Mahoney, the nephew of The Sheik, former star of the ECW, an international star, the human highlight reel, Sabu.  Also competing will be the Milwaukee Crusher, and  WCW & WWE former star Mr. Hughes.  From Mexico there will be Rudo Cortez and Eddie Cruz, and from the dark side, Julian The Warlock. Also appearing will be Ricky Stryc9 and Gorilla Barone , a 6' 4" 349lb one man wrecking crew...along with an all star line up of over 25 stars. Even superstars that are not on card will attend including wrestling reps from Japan and Europe.

 All the action starts at 8:00pm Saturday, April 3rd at The Delta Plex, including debuts of several AWWL rookies.  Starting at 6:15pm the day of the event, all ticket holders can get an autograph and a picture of their favorite AWWL star at The Delta Plex. A Special guest referee for the title match will be John Perry a.k.a. THE HOSS. Get Your Tickets At The Delta Plex Box Office and all Ticket Master Outlets.