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An Interview with Shaffee:
1) Who gave you the nickname "Voice of Violence"? 
 That name was given to me by my grandfather.  He was a fighter and trained with Joe Louis.  
During one sparring session, my grandpa knocked Joe Louis out cold.  Anyway, when I was a kid, 
I was always fighting with my brothers.  When I would yell at them, my grandpa would say that I had 
a voice of violence.
2) What’s your first memory of wrestling?
My first memory of wrestling is watching the original Big Time Wrestling on CBC Channel 9 in Detroit 
with my dad on Saturday mornings.  I was probably 3 or 4 years old.  My dad took me to my first live 
event in January of 1985 at Cobo in Detroit.  In the main event, Andre the Giant beat King Kong Bundy 
by Count out.  Bundy couldn't get an advantage in the Match, so he just walked out.  Now I would be 
disappointed in a finish like that, but back then it was the greatest thing I had ever seen.
3) Medicine and you seem to be friends but to listen to you two talk it sounds like your always fighting. 
What’s up with that?
 Well first of all, I don't have a lot of friends.  Friends are for weak individuals who can't manage on 
their own.  However, I do get along with Medicine for the most part.  But now he is the Interim 
commissioner of the AWWL and that is an important position with great power attached to it.  
I generally don't get along with authority figures.  If he considers me his friend then fine, but business 
is business and I just hope he doesn't try to hold me back like the late Dennis Allen did.  In other words,
I may be cool with someone off camera but when it comes to wrestling, I trust no one.
4) So you're just normally unfriendly. Why would you mark Ricky Stryc9 as a "marked man"?
He's helped Sabu, they even tagged before.
Ricky Stryc9 is a marked man simply because of the fact that he is The AWWL Heavyweight Champion. 
Everyone knows that Sabu should be the champion and I want that gold.  They say he's a really nice guy 
with a lot of heart.  Well, I'd like to rip his heart out of his chest and wave it around the ring on a stick.  
The way I see things, whoever is the champion will be the number one guy on my hit list.  The day is soon 
approaching.  Sabu will give Ricky Stryc9 a beating that will make him question whether to continue his 
career in the squared circle.  His valet Natasha is more than welcomed to spend some quality time with 
the "Voice Of Violence" though.
 5) At the end of the XWA when Kevin Sullivan attacked you what were you thinking?
I was only thinking about revenge.  I never got it though.  I didn't need to.  Sabu took care of the problem
for me.  Kevin Sullivan literally tried to kill me.  He wasn't the first one to attempt to end my life.  He spiked 
my head and turned me into a bloody mess.  What he didn't realize is that I would be back.  I always come 
back.  I come back because I've got the heart of a lion and the heart of an Arab.  Sullivan hasn't returned 
since then because he knows that.  I've seen violence my whole life.  I'm not scared of blood.  Until 
someone actually kills me, I'll keep coming back.
6) Who is a threat to Sabu as of right now in the entire world of Pro Wrestling?
Well, I think the only threat to Sabu is himself.  When focused, he has defeated some of the world's best.  
But he has lost some matches that I feel he was misguided for.  Sabu has not been pinned cleanly in the 
middle of the ring since he put me in his corner.  Let it be known that I have very little control over Sabu's 
actions.  However, we have an understanding.  He knows that I want to win at all costs.  If Sabu remains 
poised at all times, then nobody in the world can pose a legitimate threat to him.  I understand that he is 
the best wrestler in the world when he has his head in it.
7) Why has Sabu been kept from the title for this long?
It's pretty obvious that they don't want Sabu to be the champ.  I don't exactly know the reason.  Maybe it's 
because they don't want an Arab-American representing their product in times like these.  That would be 
pretty hypocritical if that's the reason.  I mean on one hand, you have an all American, good looking, young 
kid like Ricky Stryc9, and on the other hand, you have a scarred up, long-haired, Lebanese maniac that 
rips opponents apart like a crocodile.  That would be the only thing I can think of.  Maybe you should ask 
Medicine that question.
8) Who discovered that you could work at the TV studios but not the arena?
I believe that was Medicine.  For that, I'll give him credit.  He did his homework and obviously knew that 
Big Time Wrestling with Shaffee is far more entertaining than Big Time Wrestling without Shaffee.  
I know that Medicine stands up for what he believes and that he won't back down from anyone.  
That is admirable, but it also might be his biggest fault.  If he spreads himself to thin by upsetting 
too many people, then he might meet his doom.
9) When will your suspension be lifted?
When I prove to the board that I am not a danger to society.  I think Medicine is working on it, but who 
knows.  Just because I'm suspended doesn't mean that I won't show up.  You never know what I've got 
10) In a match who would win? Shaffee or the Unknown Commentator?
 That's a very interesting question!  We would have figured that out in November of 2003 if it wasn't for 
Kevin Sullivan.  I would say that I would win.  I'd give him the wrestling side of it, but I think that I could 
find a way to hurt him and make him bleed through his mask until he couldn't take anymore.  When you 
grow up my size and with as big of a mouth as I have, you learn how to hurt someone even if they 
outmatch you physically.  Unknown isn't bigger than me so I think I would win.  
11) How about some word association?  First thing that comes to mind...
Sabu  Violent.
AWWL  A much needed alternative
Backyard Wrestling  A good way to get paralyzed.
Paco  Good announcer, but not as good as the Unknown Commentator.
Medicine  Exactly what the AWWL needed.
Ricky Stryc9    Paper champion.
Sheik  The most influential person in wrestling history, hands down.
Hulk Hogan   Egomaniac. That's a good thing
Bill Alfonso     Nice teeth.  Looks like a crack head with AIDS.
ECW  Built by Sabu, died when he left.
Tradition  The single most important thing in wrestling.
Milwaukee Crusher  Coward.
Shaffee, thanks for your time...