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An Incident at the Studio


Recently on the broadcast of AWWL Big Time Wrestling on TV 53 and TV 3  you saw an interview with Medicine, Shaffee and Dennis Allen. Mr. Allen was telling Shaffee that he had to get Sabu under control. He wanted Shaffee to tell  Sabu to stop throwing fire at the reffs and his opponents or the two of them would get a suspension.  Shaffee, in so many words, told Allen there's no way he or anyone else can get Sabu to stop his terror on the AWWL. That if it wasn't for Sabu the XWA would have taken over, and under no circumstances will Sabu stop burning people. He may even burn Dennis Allen if he gets in the way.  Allen wasn't very happy.


 After they went off the air the words flew from both men.  Allen told Shaffee, as he did on air, that Shaffee was walking on thin ice, and he will not accept his tone of voice. In fact, after they went off the air Shaffee grabbed Allen and starting pushing him around. When security broke things up, Allen fined Shafee $5000 dollars, which Shaffee said he would not pay.  Allen then said pay or you wont play. About that time Tom Farhat walked in from the TV booth and began laying the law down to everyone. He took Shaffee into an office at the studio and an hour or so later, they came out.  Shaffee wrote a check, gave it to Allen, and walked out of the studio with a look that could of killed.  As the door closed he looked back said this isn't over, you will be hearing from me and Sabu very soon. Anyway, I don't know what Tom said to Shaffee , but it must of been very strong words cause Shaffee paid his fine.


Things are heating up everywhere. I believe the pressure of the announcement that the first heavyweight champion will be crowned here soon has the stars on edge.  This belt is the closest thing to the original Sheik's USA belt.  The tradition truly is living on. The battles between these stars are heating up, in and out of the ring.  To be number one in this company is a big issue with all the AWWL stars. The tournament in Grand Rapids on April 3rd. will separate the boys from the men, each man knowing a win gets him the belt. 


 I feel Sabu will make it to the crowing of a AWWL championship, but with the talent that's in the AWWL and the new stars coming in, he will have his hands full. My opinion of the fire is that it needs to be stopped now!  I guess time will tell. As far as Shaffee, he better cool his emotions or be put on the bench. It's all up to him. His future is in his hands and if he's going to manage Sabu  he better get control.... If that's possible.


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