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THe All World Wrestling League...



Sabu                                                                                Managers

Terry Funk                                                                    Miss Rhonda

Dick the Bruiser Jr.                                                  Shaffee

Jerry Lynn                                                                    Truth Martini

Balls Mahoney                                                           Miss Natasha

Soul Man Carter

Big Jake 

Jimmy Jacobs                                                                                            

Blackjack Phoenix                                                                Commentators

Hot Scots                                                                                The Unknown  Commentator    

Warlock                                                                                                    Paco Zimmer

Rocky Cannon                                                                                             Medicine

Ricky Morton of Rock &Roll Express


  "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan                                               Dusty  Diamond

Devon Storm                                                                                               TJ Jackson

Mr. Hughes                                                 Lucha libre Connection

The Milwaukee Crusher                                                       Max Vission

Gorilla Barone                                                                    Remy Gonzales

Great Mongo                                                                           Los Mexicanos

 The Hollywood Hustlers: Brooks & Rivera  

Quinson Valentino: Hustler #3                                                       Referees  

Truth Martini                                                                                            Senior Ref, Art Mendez

Mr. Excitement                                                                                           Derrick Cole

The Greek Warriors                                                                                 Brian Mead

Chris Candido                                                                                              Larry Lipgloss

 Ricky Styc9                                             The Ladies

Johnny Vision                                              Miss Olympia

  Vampiro                                                       Shauna Doyle   

                                                                                                                          Lady Dementia   

                                                                                                                                Randi west

                                                     Tracy Brooks