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Early 2002 -
The sons of The Sheik, Edward and Thomas Farhat begin co-promoting professional
wrestling with Dennis Allen under the name Michigan Championship Wrestling.  The
company runs shows through 2002 across Michigan in cities such as Muskegon, Flint
and Escanaba.  Michigan Championship Wrestling features the likes of Sabu, Balls
Mahoney, Kevin Sullivan, The Sandman, New Jack, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, The
Rock 'N Roll Express, Abdullah The Butcher, Devon Storm, Monty Brown, Chris Sabin,
Chris Candido, the Insane Clown Posse and a host of others.

June 21st, 2002 -
At a Michigan Championship Wrestling show at the IMA Sports Arena in Flint, MI,
Sabu faces Devon Storm in the main event.  During the match, Sabu is attacked by
Kevin Sullivan and Balls Mahoney.  At that moment, Shaffee enters the ring and
comes to Sabu's aid by jumping on Sullivan's back.  Mahoney grabs Shaffee and gives
him the Nutcracker Suite.  With Sabu and Shaffee down, the Insane Clown Posse and
Esham make the save.  After the melee, Sabu hires Shaffee as his manager.

November 3rd, 2002 -
Michigan Championship Wrestling is bought out by Edward and Thomas Farhat.  The
Farhats rename the company the All World Wrestling League.  Dennis Allen is named
the new Commissioner.

January 17th, 2003 -
The All World Wrestling League announces that they have landed a television deal in

March 8th, 2003 -
After two decades, Big Time Wrestling returns to television as presented by the All
World Wrestling League.  The show airs weekly in the Lansing, Battle Creek, Grand
Rapids, Jackson and Kalamazoo TV markets.

April 5th, 2003 -
The AWWL presents their first live event.  The show, called Capital City Carnage,
takes place at Walter French Academy in Lansing, MI.  In the main event, Sabu, with
Shaffee in his corner, defeats "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown in a classic match for
Sabu's World Wrestling Council Heavyweight Championship.  Brown was a last minute
replacement for Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman who failed to show up.  Also in action that
night were The Rock 'N Roll Express, Kevin Sullivan, The Canadian Bruiser, Truth
Martini, The Milwaukee Crusher, Anthony Rivera, Bull Lomax, C4, Thurston Brooks,
Big Jake, The Great Mongo, Bryer Wellington, The Professor, Randy G, Shauna Doyle,
Lady Victoria and Lady Dementia.  That night, Lady Dementia broke her arm as a
result of a DDT from Lady Victoria.  Dementia hasn't wrestled since.

May 2003 -
Glen Gilberti, also known as Disco Inferno debuts in AWWL.  In his only match with
the company, he is pinned in the middle of the ring by Sabu.

May 2003 -
The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance or XWA invades the AWWL.  The XWA is headed by Kevin
Sullivan and also includes Devon Storm, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Excitement, The Milwaukee
Crusher and others.  The XWA vows to take over Big Time Wrestling by eliminating
the AWWL and their top star, Sabu.

June 7th 2003 -
Blackjack Phoenix defeats The Great Mongo in Lansing, MI to become the first ever
AWWL Television Champion. 

June 14th 2003 -
After holding the AWWL TV Title for just one week, Blackjack Phoenix loses the belt
to Gorilla Barone in Lansing, Michigan.

July 18th 2003 -
AWWL presents First Stike at the Holland Civic Center in Holland, MI.  Highlights
include Sabu pinning Balls Mahoney in the main event and Big Jake beating The
Milwaukee Crusher in a Texas Death Match.  That match was the first in the "Three
Stages Of Hell" series between Big Jake and The Milwaukee Crusher.

July 19th 2003 -
AWWL presents Mind Games at the Walter French Academy in Lansing, MI.  Sabu pins
Devon Storm in the main event.  The Milwaukee Crusher defeats Big Jake in a Falls
Count Anywhere match in the second meeting in the "Three Stages Of Hell".

July 20th 2003 -
The AWWL presents a live event in Jackson, MI.  Sabu pinned Balls Mahoney in the
main event and The Milwaukee Crusher defeated Big Jake in a Last Man Standing match
to win the "Three Stages Of Hell" series and put an end to one of the most brutal
feuds in AWWL history.  Also that night, Chris Sabin pinned Jimmy Jacobs in one of
the most exciting matches in AWWL history.

August 2003 -
Roadwarrior Hawk makes his AWWL debut teaming with Sabu and Balls Mahoney to beat
Kevin Sullivan, Devon Storm and The Milwaukee Crusher.  Sadly, Hawk dies just three
weeks later.

November 2003 -
At a show called The Final Conflict at The Delta Plex in Grand Rapids, MI, Sabu
defeats Kevin Sullivan to eliminate the XWA.  Had Sullivan won, he then would have
had control over AWWL operations.  Also on that card, Shaffee made his AWWL in-ring
debut against The Unknown Commentator.  Before Unknown could get in the ring, Kevin
Sullivan attacked him and then took a spike to Shaffee's forehead.  Shaffee was
left a bloody mess after one of the most vicious attacks in wrestling history.

January 2004 -
The Milwaukee Crusher becomes the first ever AWWL Heavyweight Champion by winning
an elimination steel cage match over Sabu, Gorilla Barone and Joe E. Legend.

Spring 2004 -
Crusher hires Truth Martini as his manager and is later joined by Jade.  He feuds
with Sabu and amazingly manages to hold on to his championship.

Summer 2004 -
Commissioner Dennis Allen suspends Shaffee after the "Voice Of Violence" had
repeatedly threatened great physical harm to him.  Dennis Allen passes away just
two weeks later.

June 2004 -
The Milwaukee Crusher loses the AWWL Heavyweight Title to Balls Mahoney.  Mahoney
then drops the Title the following night to Ricky Stryc9.

July 2004 -
Edward and Thomas Farhat appoint Medicine as the new commissioner.  In his very
first move, Medicine strips Gorilla Barone of the AWWL TV Title due to the fact
that Barone had been in Italy and unable to defend the belt.  Medicine announces
plans for a Fatal Four-Way match to crown a new TV Champion.

August 14th 2004 -
Quinson Valentino beats Big Jake, Thurston Brooks and Gutter in the Fatal Four-Way
to win the vacant AWWL Television Championship.

August 21st 2004 -
Medicine allows Shaffee to appear on TV but not at live arena events as Allen's
official suspension report had stated.

October 2004 -
Shaffee reveals that Big Jake has been forced to portray a "cheesy persona" and
that the time has come for Jake to be his real self, Eddie Venom.  Shortly after
that, the most shocking event in AWWL history takes place as Shaffee attacks
Medicine with Venom, Truth Martini and Jade.  Shaffee then proclaims that the XWA
is back and he is the new leader.

December 19th 2004 -
At Season's Beatings at The Temple Club in Lansing, MI, Shaffee and Truth Martini
face Medicine, Gorilla Barone and The Milwaukee Crusher in the main event.  While
Shaffee and Truth are being beaten severely late in the match, the Bump-N-Uglies
come out of the crowd and into the ring to help the XWA members in need.  This is
the first sign of inter-promotional relations between the AWWL and another company
as the Bump-N-Uglies are from IWR, or Independent Wrestling Revolution, in Detroit.




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