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Welcome wrestling fans to The Bax Page, and a WARRRRRRRMMMMM welcome indeed as we bring you "TBP"

from the aftermath of "Seasons Beatings" at The Temple Club in Lansing, and believe me folks,if you werent at The Temple Club, you missed a lot, but more on that in a moment, first a bit of business to take care of.
Shaffee thank you for giving us a moment of your time as our first "TBP" interview,I hope that the invite is extended for "TBP" to appear on your "Wrestling 101" segment on Big Time Wrestling at a future time, I promise you a moment you'll NEVER forget, but might want to seek therapy for later on.
Now as for the TV show, set your VCRs kids on BOTH WLAJ and WWMT, because you'll want to tape this, as we air our FINAL AWWL BTW SHOW not just of 2004, but its also the end of BTW in the hour form that you have been watching us on, when we return on January 15th (after the obligatory ABC sports pre-empts) we will have more action, more excitement. but in a NEW 30 minute format.
Ok, if you werent here for "seasons beatings" WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU,you better have a good excuse for missing THE BEST LIVE EVENT EVER!, it was a good turn out, even though mother nature was giving us a typical Michigan winter, below zero wind chills, and a hint of snow. but it was the AWWL vs. XWA  and THIS time we were ready, or so we thought!
One of THE biggest surprizes was the appearance of ZACH GOWEN, yes THAT Zach Gowen! he saw the light and is now AWWL,
our new announcer Jake Walsh got settled into doing a solo job as Meds was busy getting ready for his match against Shaffee, and already Jake endeared himself to "the voice of violence" by calling him "SHAFTEE", which the crowd lapped up in a chant.
Rhonda in all her finery was reunited with that greasy,slimy wrestling agent Alexander Cain, who made his announcement that he was joining the XWA,(gee we sorta broke that news when we interviewed Shaffee.)Rhonda made notes, which we got a chance to see during a break, some of what we could see was "trip to Tahiti...$1,600, Hair gel for Alexander Cain...$1,000"
Our own goddess of the ring, the lovely and enchanting PARADYCE got her night of stardom and ring announced a couple of matches,including the big dance !, she had her own cheering section as well..I think even the 8th fleet showed up .(just kidding was the 6th!)
Our favorite lady Shauna Doyle returned to the fold as did the one and only UNKNOWN COMMENTATOR,and a revitalized Milwaukee Crusher, ALL to help beat and destroy the XWA!, But no one...NO ONE would ever have thought of the shock that came to the AWWL.
The main event, Team AWWL (Meds,Stryc9,and Barone) Vs. Team XWA (Shaffee,Dean "The Dream"Jablonski, Truth Martini) in a 6 man "Fans bring in the weapons" match, it was simply the best main event of the history of BTW, but again mother nature played a role in this match as Stryc9 and Jablonski were unable to make it out of a snowstorm so Crusher stood in for the champ, and shaffee pitched a royal fit saying that it was unfair.
It was a match and the AWWL took it to the XWA, and was about to put the first nail in the coffin as Meds entered, and then, it happened, from out of the audience some fans came into the ring and caused the match to be called a "no contest" by tearing into Team AWWL, as Shaffee, Alexander Cain and the XWA watched  only to see that not last as Barone, Crusher and Meds got their second wind and took out the trash..
We found out after the cameras went off that the "Fans" were a wrestling team called the Detroit Bump-n-Uglies, and were friends of Shaffee who were invited by him to "give notice" that the XWA wasn't fooling around, and now we all know that THIS XWA isn't going to be as easy to defeat as we thought, although the AWWL  has their pride still intact, the XWA has made their first move
in this game of control, could Shaffee have the upper hand, or did he inadvertently show his hand a bit too soon? and can he actually trust Alexander Cain?? 
As for TBP in 20-O-5, here are just some of the stars we hope will pay us a visit for a verbal game of "no limit Texas hold em"
Eddie Venom
The Farhats
Alexander Cain
Jake Walsh
Paco Zimmer
Truth Martini
Ricky Stryc9
and many more!
And we will also give our opinions on the state of wrestling as well, so get ready for more wildness as "TBP" rings in 2005 !
Before we bid 2004 buh-bye,a lot of you have asked me how do I come up with the 3 questions of fate?
Well truth be told, I actually have nothing to do with the "three questions of fate", the questions arrive by FedEx
from the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatem, Howe and Fleecem, you know.. those folks who show up at the awards show, see when the interview is set up, I call the accounting firm and they in turn supply the questions in the golden envelopes, neither the guest, the AWWL staff, or I know just what questions this group of nuts have come up with,and believe me, some of the questions they have delivered have been loo-loo's!!
So from the entire staff of AWWL, and even this humble scribe, I'm Steve Baxley wishing you all happy holidays and a SUPER 2005

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