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    Before anyone starts in on the title or anything like that I will give you the dictionary definition of the term Bull___t. It means nonsense intended to deceive. After a weekend of watching some of the most entertaining matches that the AWWL has ever put together, the wrestlers really put their hearts and souls out there this weekend; I was flipping channels and stopped on the WWE.

     I have not watched much of that in quite a long time. Seeing HHH talk for twenty minutes and think he is garnering heat or that he is a heel on the level of Ric Flair who had lunch with President G.W. Bush today, just one more reason I don’t care for him, is boring, ludicrous, inane and just plain stupid. I have said it before, THE Sheik never said one damn word and he was the most over heel that this sport has ever had. All of the heat that he generated was done in the ring like wrestling is supposed to be done. Period. I don’t care who you try to compare him too, he was it.

     Sure I like Benoit, Edge, Foley and a number of the others, but for the most part, those up top in that promotion I can do without. Back to my story, I’m watching this and I see William Regal, who I had not seen in a while, not that I missed him, I just had not seen him talking to this man who was acting like he was retarded. Eugene Dinsmore the supposed nephew of Eric Bischoff.

     It was a joke. It is supposed to be funny. It’s there to entertain you.

     Nietzsche described jokes as epitaphs on the death of feelings, or to put it more plainly, the best jokes are always a new low.

     I’m not surprised that the WWE would sink to the level of making fun or targeting people, who are mentally handicapped, not surprised at all. Angered beyond belief is more like it. This is low. Rock bottom to turn a phrase. I thought that when Vince bared his ass on TV as part of the “Kiss My Ass Club” that he was sinking pretty deep. When he portrays himself as some type of sex object who can pull in women who look like Stacy Kiebler or Trish Stratus just by being his big bad testerone self I chalk it up to his own twisted fantasy and bloated self image.

     Think about it, this is the same company that thought it was entertaining to match up a father against his daughter, show a man have sex with a corpse, poke fun at alcoholism, celebrate the fact that a champion “cheats to win”, holds bikini contests where children are in attendance and the contestants cover their breasts with paint, spanking contests, the intentional drugging of his wife, hot lesbian action, infidelity, forcing women to be “slaves for a month”, “white boy challenges”, calling names like “Big Red Retared” and on and on.

     Aside from other promotions “entertaining” us by putting each other thru tables stacked with light bulbs, or tossing each other off of trucks and balcony’s, or taking a weedwacker to another man or even being hung up by hooks. The WWE hits an all time low by setting up an individual for ridicule by fans. An individual who is playing the part of someone with a condition that those who are really that way have absolutely no control over the situation. It’s like saying it’s my fault I’m an Indian. Or that blacks are responsible for being slave because they happened to be black.

      There is a major difference between laughing at someone because they act funny and laughing at someone because they are funny. This is not politically correct; anyone that knows me knows that I’m not PC. I still call us Indians when we are supposed to be “Indigenous-Americans” and I say Black folks and White Folks when I’m supposed to hyphenate everything and call them “African-Americans and Euro-Americans” I’m not into the whole hyphenation thing. I don’t agree with the language police. Life’s too short for that type of thing.  This is not about Politically Correct; it’s about respect and being correct.

     Mentally Retarded people are first and foremost people on that basis alone they deserve respect. Maybe you don’t get it, don’t understand what Retarded is.


v. re·tard·ed, re·tard·ing, re·tards

To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede

Using the word in its proper context makes perfect sense if you understand its meaning. Something went wrong with the alternator in my car; it made my car retarded……follow me?

    SO when someone has problems learning or functioning at an appropriate level for their age or stage of development then we can say that they are developmentally disabled. That not only sounds better but its more accurate wouldn’t you agree?

     “Where are you going with all this Medicine?” Glad you asked.

     My brother in law is developmentally disabled; he is one of my best friends. I love him dearly and he loves me. I worked with the developmentally disabled for over 8 years. I enjoyed working with them. They are children in adult bodies. They remind me that I should often just relax and enjoy myself.

     The AWWL had a show in Jackson; this show was on a Friday. Friday’s are when I and the wife take Jeff out to dinner and shopping. He loves to hang out with us and we all look forward to the time together, well this was a special Friday. Jeff was going to see wrestling and see me announce the matches. He was over the top excited. I took him backstage and introduced him to Truth and Crusher, Shaffee, Tom Farhat, Balls Mahoney, Shauna Doyle, Ricky Stryc9, Maxx Vishion, Paco and a few others. Everyone was great with him. He shook hands, stood around in awe of these people he sees on TV, got his picture with Ms. Olympia who called him handsome and put her head on his shoulder (Jeff is 6’4”) needless to say he was worn out by the time the show ended from cheering and booing.

     There are no better fans than kids and people like that. All of the performers will tell you the same thing.

     Through no fault of his own, Jeff is and always will be a young 8-year-old. I know lots and lots of people like that. Funny how you can’t make fun of people based on their skin color or weight or sexual preference without just outright crossing the line. Watch “King of Queens” and the lead makes fun of himself for being fat, on “Will and Grace” they make fun of themselves for being gay, Bernie Mac makes jokes about black people. Those are things that are jokes and anyone can see that they are. For Vincent K McMahon to drop even lower than I thought he could just makes me sick to no end. What is the point in making fun of Developmentally Disabled people? It’s not even toilet humor. It’s low class and just shows how the idiots who write that crap are desperate.

     Those who help in the back know how to make angles that are intriguing and do not ridicule people as the lowest common denominator. We can entertain by showcasing the talent (A concept that the WWE forgot long ago), we can present angles that will draw you in closer as suspense builds. To parade someone and have them “play retarded” is not just desperate, it’s disgusting.

     That is not how you treat people, I learned that when I was six, too bad that Vince or whoever wrote that part and the guy who plays that part didn’t learn that lesson.

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