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Once again, it’s your favorite and mine...  to keep all the wrestling fans up to date about the state of events in the AWWL. 

After the “Final Conflict” in Grand Rapids, I really thought that we, as a company, would be able to get back to business as unusual here at Big Time Wrestling.  I thought that maybe we could focus on the titles that are being re-introduced, and I could focus on bringing in new talent and honing my skills on the mic.  NOPE!  Not gonna happen.

Example:  Sabu has gone just plain fire crazy.  He’s out to burn everybody that gets in his way. Truth Martini has gone bonkers!  He’s become so untrustworthy it’s scary. I can’t tell one minute to the next what he has planned.  The Hollywood Hustlers have upped the ante in their quest to take over the tag team division.  The Milwaukee Crusher has not been taking his medication (which should be more than obvious), and he’s just becoming more and more vicious  as of late.

On January 10th he is taking on Sabu.  He interfered in the Sabu Vs Mr. Hughes match and like I said before, Sabu has gone fire crazy and he has elevated the violence.  The Crusher, on the other hand, has taken it to Sabu and vows to get rid of him one way or another.  When I asked Truth for a comment, he just began screaming and pointing and hollering and just losing his mind telling me that Sabu is a sickness.

Shaffee blames all the wrestlers in the back for what happened to him at Final Conflict.  To you that might not be that big a deal, but to me, I know what Sabu is capable of, and if Shaffee just cuts that man loose…there will be a lot of blood shed.  Shaffee is a long time personal friend of mine.  He has changed drastically.  He’s angry and bitter at the way Kevin Sullivan and Mr. Hughes abused him and the Farhats, and everyone else they came in contact with.

Now...Gorilla Barone.  Here is an interesting story about Gorilla.  At the Roberts Arena I saw him come in to the building and make a beeline for dressing room two.  Dressing room four held Balls Mahoney, Sabu, Shaffee, and Curtis Martin who was just sitting in the corner minding his own business.  Dressing room three held the Hollywood Hustlers, Truth, Shauna Doyle, The Crusher and a security guard.  Big Jake was pacing the halls, way anxious to get into the ring with The Crusher.  So I peeped my head into room two expecting Mr. Hughes to be conferring with and old XWA buddy.  I was wrong.  Barone sat there alone.  Doing nothing.  He was dressed and all that, but he was sitting there just waiting.  I popped into the room and said “Hey Barone, can I ask you a couple of questions?” he didn’t answer so I took that as a yes.  I said “So how do you feel about being the TV Champ?”  He stood up took a deep breath and said, “ I don’t care about belts or glory or anything. I hurt people. That’s what I do. I want to hurt Mahoney, Sabu, Big!  I want to show I am the one man wrecking crew, and I don’t care what any of you idiots think about me.”  Just then Ed Farhat, God Bless him, called my name so I excused myself and left.  That makes me think that Barone is just evil.  Not like a scary demonic evil, but a “ I’m gonna wreck your career” evil.  He got in this business to hurt people; to annihilate the competition.  Right now he has his eyes set on Balls Mahoney.

Balls Mahoney is one of my all time favorite workers in this business.  Next to Sabu, and a few choice others, Balls is definitely in my all time top ten.  When he came here to the AWWL,  he was trying to change his ways...get away from the chair swinging and focus on his in-ring technical ability, which he has plenty of.  Think about it.  At 330lbs he was delivering super-kicks to Rob VanDam, doing top rope planchas on The Dudley Boys...the guy is an amazing athlete. Now at around 250lbs, he can do all that and MORE! Until Gorilla Barone came in and delivered one of the sickest pile drivers I have ever witnessed right onto the concrete floors of the WLAJ studios.  It put Balls Mahoney out of commission for 6 weeks.  In the meantime, Balls was hitting the gym and slowly losing his mind in the process. He focused day and night on Gorilla Barone.  He lived and breathed thoughts of revenge.  He became so focused on the idea of delivering the punishment to Barone that he dropped more weight.  At the December 10th show, we saw the “New” Balls Mahoney come back.  A more determined Balls Mahoney than I have seen in years.  He plastered Gorilla Barone with an awesome chair shot, and used everything in his arsenal to fall the big man.  Scissors. Chairs.  Ring Steps. Tables. The doors to the arena.  Fan's drinks...anything and everything he could get his hands on.  Barone was unstoppable.  And Mahoney was more convinced than ever that he has to take it to the next level.  What that level may be I don’t know.  As a fan of Balls Mahoney, it scares me to think of it...I'll tell you this though:  It's gonna be an All Out War.

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