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By Medicine


     Once again, it’s your boy Medicine back at you one more time and MAN is this gonna be a full monologue!

     First off I want to personally thank, on behalf of all the AWWL superstars and office staff everyone who came out and enjoyed the show. The house was packed! The show rocked and there were more surprises than a David Copperfield show.

     Now, down to business.

     Shaffee: For all the people that have asked me if Shaffee and I are really friends and if he was angry at me for what happened with that talk radio host Scott Clow. The answer is simple. YES. Yes he was mad at me but only for a minute, he knew I had no control over Scott, and YES we are friends, we talk all the time and during live events before the show Shaffee and I can be found hanging out talking about his new CD, Sabu, old school wrestling, women, life on the reservation, women, college and just about any and everything. We often travel to the shows together. I want to say it once more. SHAFFEE IS MY BOY . I have told people for a while here that Shaffee is not a regular manager and that he has changed somewhat after everything that went down with the XWA. As many of you witnessed he blasted, and I mean BLASTED Scott Clow right in the back with that chair. Not once but TWICE. You saw my reaction. It was funny as hell to me. He is The Voice of Violence, the Manager of the Human Highlight Reel Sabu, so it really should go with out saying that he can get right in there and do what he feels is necessary. How many times have we witnessed Shaffee throw Sabu a chair or set a table up for Sabu?

 Scott was out of line and paid the price. I hereby deem Shaffee the newest HARDCORE CHAIR SWINGING FREEK! Still makes me laugh watching that guy go down.

     Sabu: As we all saw, Sabu got dq’d for burning the ref. Art Mendez, as the senior referee made that call. I don’t agree or disagree with it. Sabu on the other hand was irate. Irate doesn’t really describe it. He threw a chair at Shaffee and chased him to the back where Sabu continued going after Shaffee with Shaffee trying in vain to calm the mad man down. Art made the mistake of trying to talk to Sabu and explain his decision. By the way Art, I picked up your coat that you left behind as you went running to the parking lot. (Big coward) Sabu is just really crazy here folks. He busted open the Crusher’s head when he put him through that table and really showed no mercy. That’s what I think is different about Sabu. Just in the last three months that I have worked for the company I have noticed a drastic change in his whole demeanor. I’m not saying he was totally a sweetheart when I first met him, but his vicious side is really showing through. His Uncle THE Sheik was world renowned as being the most vicious of any and all wrestlers. Obviously that blood is very heavy in Sabu. Remember at the end of the match when Sabu threw a chair at Shaffee? Then chased Shaffee to the back? I wish we could have got that on tape. Six security guards and three wrestlers contained Sabu. I pushed Shaffee into another dressing room and we looked at each other like “What now?” Ten minutes later everything was gravy again. That should juts show how unhinged Sabu can get. At this time I would like to remind Sabu that I’m his friend.

Ms. Olympia and The Hollywood Hustlas: Paco told me that The Hustlas have made a movie soon to be released. (Can anyone say “Straight to the bargain bin”)? My thoughts on her screwing over Big Jake. She sold out. Pure and simple. Went to the highest bidder. We all know that she has quite the history with Thurston Brooks, so maybe there is some sick type of loyalty there sure, but I think it’s all about the money. We all have to remember that she has a mean streak. I am saying I have met nicer snakes and for some reason she has zeroed in on Big Jake. Commissioner Allen actually balked a little at the thought of a woman in a Texas Death Match, which means essentially that you have until the count of ten to respond. There are no DQ’s and any and everything goes. When Jake told Commissioner Allen that Olympia is not your ordinary woman, the old guy had to agree. I can’t wait actually. I hope Big Jake just gives it to her full force. All out beating. To me if she feels like she can run with the big boys, then by all means treat her like a big boy. By the way Paco called it before I did, so I owe the man a steak dinner, which makes me even angrier with Olympia. Makes the second time I had to buy him dinner.

     Big Jake: At no time has there ever been any problem between me and Big Jake. We joke with each other and I can say that he enjoys my company immensely. That should show you how smart he is. Which brings me too…

     Truth Martini: Truth and I have spoke maybe three times in my entire existence with this company. I had no problem with him really. When he started managing The Crusher I was disappointed and all that sure. I like his work as a wrestler I have always felt he gives it 100% and never had a bad match. So what happened? I’m not for sure. During The Crusher’s match against Ramey Raines Truth told me not to eyeball him or he would slap my face off. I turned to Paco and he was as confused as I was. When Shaffee went on the attack (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!) I saw Truth come through the curtain and honestly I am sick of his interference. You all know about Shaffee being my road dog, so when I saw him I just said “No no partner! Not today, just go to the back and stay out of this” then he pushed me, so I pushed back, he pushed me again, I told him to keep his hands off of me and I pushed him back, he pushed me I looked over at Captain Ed and said “This boy is begging for it” then Truth punched me right in the jaw! He punched me in the jaw! So I chopped him three times and knocked the punk down. That’s how I handle my business. I give a clear warning and I follow through. My daddy taught me that. It’s honorable. Warn then attack. I want to say this. As of right now I hold no animosity against Truth. To me we are even. That’s it end of story.

     Gorilla Barone and Balls Mahoney: Brutal. Utterly brutal. Both men just tore right into each other. For a few seconds it was actually difficult to watch these two just go so hard at it. Balls is on a mission. Barone is on a Mission. The mission is the same. Take the other man out of this sport by any means necessary. When the Hustlas interfered Balls just set his sights on them too. Bad idea Thurston and Anthony. No, I’ll correct that. Putting a feather boa on me was a bad idea, interfering in a Balls Mahoney-Gorilla Barone match? Stupid. Plain and simple. Balls holds a grudge like no one I have ever met and he will not let anything be forgotten. The board set up a 6-man tag for the next show in Jackson but I get the feeling that this is far far from over.

     Before I go I just want to say that I think that things are really heating up here in the AWWL. Commissioner Allen has issued an inter-office memo that states that he has an announcement for the TV tapping and that “Law and Order are the rules of the company and the board of directors” Interesting stuff folks. More to come.



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