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                T                                   The Final conflict

                                    Grand Rapids, Mi.  Nov. 23rd.

                     @ The delta plex




                      The color guard opened things up.                                                  Curtis Martin and Miss Olympia




                       Double team on Miss Olympia                                               Curtis feels the wrath of Miss O




         What could these two do together in the AWWL?                      Randi West was back with a new look.....




                                            aAnd the same determination to earn her spot in the AWWL




                              Rivera with Natasha                                                        Robbie puts the boots to Rivera



                        Maybe the HotScots don't like Rivera's hat                                 Truth managed Mr. Excitement.   





                            Rocky Cannon is a big man who can work from the top rope.  Max Vision also has the talent to

                                 make a big impact in the AWWL .  Expect to see much more of both of these athletes.





                           Soulman Carter got a shot at Barone                             Johnny Vision and Warlock had a great match


                                                                               Photos by MIBU