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Is The Black Box The Beginning Of The End For Sabu?


For nearly a year, The Milwaukee Crusher lived up to his name by crushing every single wrestler that got in the ring with him in the AWWL.  Crusher enjoyed victory after victory all the while establishing himself as one of pro wrestlingís best young talents.  It was clear to all that Crusher possessed everything needed to become a major player in the industry. 

While Crusher was climbing the ranks in the AWWL, so was Big Jake.  As all of the insiders expected, the day soon came when the two young stars in the making faced off against each other.  In one of 2003ís most brutal and talked about feuds, Crusher and Jake battled night after night in city after city.  After several matches, neither man was pulling ahead so it was clear to the AWWL Office that something had to be done.  The solution was a series of matches collectively known as ĎThe Three Stages Of Hellí.  Finally, one man would reign supreme.  That man was the Crusher.

After defeating Big Jake, Crusher jumped to the next level and immediately challenged the crown jewel of the AWWL, Sabu.  Before facing Sabu, Crusher announced his alliance with another young man making quite a bit of noise in the AWWL, the nutty but very talented Truth Martini.

Then on Big Time Wrestling, Crusher and Martini revealed a mysterious black box.  The box itself was not very impressive, but what Martini claimed to have in the box caught the attention of everyone.  They claim to have traveled to the Orient to capture the one thing that Sabu fears most.  According to them, the contents of the black box will scare Sabu out of the AWWL for good.

Sabu and the Crusher have squared off a few times since and there has never been a clear-cut winner in any of the matches.  While we havenít yet seen exactly what is in the black box, the Crusher has proved that he has what it takes to face Sabu one on one.  Sure, he hasnít yet pinned Sabu, but Sabu hasnít pinned him either.

In recent interviews, Sabuís manager Shaffee doesnít seem to be too concerned about the black box.  Shaffee claims that they are just playing mind games and that there really isnít anything in the box.  However, Sabu has appeared to be temporarily shaken up at the mention of the black box before being reassured by Shaffee that the box is just an attempt to get into Sabuís head.  Whether there is anything in the box or not, it is clearly working for Crusher.  Sabu is aware of the fact that the box is still a mystery.  Is it possible that Sabu is deathly afraid of anything?   Would he seem worried at times if he feared nothing?

  Sabu and Crusher are scheduled to meet again in the coming weeks.  Hopefully, weíll find out whatís inside the black box one way or another