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Wrestling fans, welcome to "The Bax Page."  I'm your host Steve Baxley ,and on this weeks TBP we talk with a man

who until recently was on the side of the AWWL, but has shocked fans and officials by joining forces

with, and raising from the dead the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance.

Today.."The Voice Of Violence" enters TBP, ladies and gents.

  Shaffee it's an honor to have you here on "The Page"

 Lets flash back in time. We all saw it, in fact I was among those in attendance in the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids when we saw you being viciously attacked by Kevin Sullivan, a man you now ..for want of a better word worship. While he attacked you and left you in a bloodied pulp, Medicine, then AWWL broadcaster, came to your aide and helped you to the back for medical attention.

Now fast forward to a recent broadcast. You along with Eddie Venom, Truth Martini, and Jade blindsided now COMMISSIONER Medicine you guys  just went "back alley" and jacked him like last weeks garbage, What possessed you to literally betray not only Medicine, and the AWWL...but also stab each and every AWWL fan in the back as you unfurled the XWA colors on the body of Medicine?

 I don't believe that I stabbed anyone in the back.  I believe that I am the one
who was stabbed in the back.  There's alot to this story that people don't know.  I
appreciate you taking the time to ask me these questions, but I have to say on this
one that I don't feel like I've stabbed anyone in the back.

What is your motive in bringing back an organization that the AWWL thought was dead?

What is my motive?  Why does a country invade another country and kill innocent
people?  Why does a child grow up to murder authority figures that have done him
wrong?  Motive is a beautiful word.  I am painted out to be a villain.  I am
portrayed by AWWL television to be evil.  That is not me.  The attack on Medicine
was just.  Medicine is the figure head of real evil.  Real corruption.  The AWWL
prides itself on being built on tradition.  But in keeping up with that image, they
are slowly burying themselves in the ground.  I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. 
The AWWL no longer represents what I have always loved about this sport.  The XWA
is feared.  We are feared because we bring about change.  People in this country
hate change, even if it's for the better.

Did in fact the actions taken by late AWWL Commish Dennis Allen become the lightning rod that sent you to "The Dark Side"

 Again, the darkside?  You paint me out to be a monster!  Dennis Allen was the
darkside.  He suspended me and for what?  Because I threatened him?  Do you see my
point?  I haven't changed.  I am the same Shaffee that the fans cheered for just a
couple of months back.  Wrestling fans are dangerous.  They react and turn their
backs on people in a matter of seconds.  They will all ask for my forgiveness in
due time.  I don't know if I'll give it to them.  Dennis Allen created a problem
for me.  Now, Dennis Allen is no longer alive.  In 2002, Kevin Sullivan was a guest
on my radio show "The Skankshift" in Lansing.  He told me on the air that Dennis
Allen was a corrupt politician and that he would screw me over the first chance he
got.  Sullivan was right on the money. 

The fans and myself continue to wonder just where does this leave your managerial relationship with Sabu, noting that he

and Sullivan have had their differences in the past ?

  I want to make this perfectly clear right now.  There will be no dramatic turn
of events where Sabu turns his back on me.  I am his manager but I am also his only
friend in this company.  The fans are probably waiting for Sabu to return and put
me in my place.  Did it ever occur to them that I still am in close contact with
Sabu and that we talk on a regular basis?  Wrestling fans are really stupid
sometimes.  In fact, the AWWL should realize that Sabu knows exactly what is going
on right now.  Since he hired me as his manager, whenever someone put their hands
on me, Sabu dealt with them.  Everyone wants Sabu to return.  They should be
careful of what they wish for.


When you first tried to alert AWWL officials about the XWA, and were rebuffed, did you feel at all betrayed?

 I didn't feel betrayed, I was more disappointed with them. The AWWL's biggest
problem is that they don't worry about things until it is much too late. We've
lost a lot of great talent over the last two years. Their response is something
like, "Who cares, we don't need them anyway". This is a turning point in this
company. Pick a side. Evil or the XWA.


Lets talk a bit about commissioner Dennis Allen.  When he passed away, did you at any time, feel that YOU could become

the new commish of the AWWL, and then the selection of Medicine as interim commish sent you over the edge?

I never wanted to be the Commissioner.  That's not my bag.  As far as Medicine
goes, I don't think he deserved it.  Now you want to talk about motive?  Here's
another motive for you.  Allen suspends me and then he dies.  Medicine is appointed
and promises to lift the suspension.  That promise never came true.  I give him
credit for that.  He knows that getting rid of me opens up a bigger spot for him. 
All I can say is that it is a concrete fact that I deliver when I'm under the

Just how did you convince "Big Jake"..uh excuse me, Eddie Venom to be a part of the XWA?

 Well, I've known Eddie Venom for a while now.  As Sabu's manager, I always kept
a close watch on everything going on in the AWWL.  Here's another motive for you. 
Eddie Venom wrestled all over the country and in Canada as Eddie Venom.  Why? 
Because that's who he is!  Now all of a sudden some idiot in the front office has a
brilliant idea to repackage him as Big Jake.  Big Jake was a cheesy, smiling fool
who the AWWL fans cheered for whether he won or lost.  He used to tell me in the
dressing room that he hated being Big Jake.  I told him that sacrificing victories
for fan approval will get him nowhere in this business.  I told him he could be
Eddie Venom and kill the fabricated Big Jake character forever.  He asked me how he
could do that.  I told him to follow me and let me be in control of that.  You see,
I am making this company better even though I hate what they represent.  Eddie Venom
is Eddie Venom, he isn't Big Jake!  Trust me, Eddie Venom will become a major star
in this business if he continues to listen to me.  If he listens to the AWWL, he'll
be a second rate fool named Big Jake.

Where does Sullivan come fit in the XWA, and will we see the return of Balls Mahoney on the side of XWA?

 Kevin Sullivan is overseeing everything.  He is giving me advice from afar. 
AWWL fans may hate Kevin Sullivan, but any one who knows anything about wrestling
knows that he has one of the greatest minds in this sport's history.  That is why
he appreciates all that I do.  We are on the same wavelength.  As far as Balls
goes, I haven't spoken to him.  I remember in Grand Rapids when he handcuffed me
and slammed me into the steel cage.  He then set Sabu on fire and cost him the AWWL
Heavyweight Championship.  I'm still upset about that.  However, I never say never
in this industry.  If Balls wanted to return and join the XWA, I would seriously
consider letting him do so.  My plans for the XWA are quite simple.  We are going
to provide a better product for real wrestling fans than what the AWWL currently

Although he hasn't been around, is wrestling agent Alexander Cain not only a prime backer of the XWA, but also serving as sort of a talent scout for the XWA?

Despite many internet rumors, I have no business relationship with Alexander
Cain.  However, I'm not here to make enemies.  If someone agrees with what I am
setting out to accomplish, then they will be welcomed by the XWA.  It is only those
that get in our way that will suffer terrible fortunes.

Shaffee, is your plan to actually not only take control of the AWWL, but to also become something you feel you should've been ..COMMISSIONER ?

I don't want to be the Commissioner.  I am already the leader.  I don't need a
cheap title under my name.  Everyone in that locker room knows who is in charge and
it's not an Indian.  Whether the fans want to accept it or not, I run the show.

Ok, Shaffee, I hold in my hand the golden envelope which contains ...THE THREE QUESTIONS OF FATE.  Are you prepared for the challenge?

(rips open envelope)

Question 1: What rock or heavy metal song describes you best ?

 At the moment I would say the song that defines me most is probably "Know Your
Enemy" by Rage Against The Machine.  I know my enemy.  The fans should really
evaluate who their real enemy is.

Question 2: Chubby Checker: Rock Legend or total egomaniac?

  Any real rock legend has to be an egomaniac.

Final Question: What Reality TV show would you NOT want to appear on?

 I have an album coming out in early 2005 that I'm sure all AWWL fans will run
out to buy.  It's called "Shoot The Boss".  Because of that, I wouldn't want to be
on American Idol.  I don't respect that garbage.  Don't get me wrong, I think that
the winners are very talented, it's just sad to me that they sold out to corporate
rubbish.  Believe me, no one will care at all who won the American Idol contests
ten years from now.  Just like no one will care about the AWWL one year from now. 
I am underground.  I am a rock star.  I am a hero.  The XWA never died.  It's been
in my heart for a long time.  One year from now, the AWWL will be a distant memory
in the back of the minds of a few rednecks, while the XWA and Shaffee will be
entertaining the masses all across the country. 

Remember this Baxley, I have the
heart of a lion, the heart of an Arab, and I cannot be defeated.  By the way, Jade
is the sexiest woman on the face of the Earth.

Thank You Shaffee for being the first of many guests to enter "TBP" and survive!

Next week, another guest and another 10 questions with a side of "3 questions of fate" to ask right here in THE BAX PAGE

Steve Baxley









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